Huggable Crochet Book Review and Giveaway!

crochet book2 Huggable Crochet Book Review and Giveaway!

Today’s crochet book review is of Huggable Crochet: Cute and Cuddly Animals from Around the World, a new crochet book by Christine Lucas. In addition to my review, I’m doing a giveaway of this book to a US winner. You can find out how to enter at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Who this crochet book is for

This is a fun crochet book filled with patterns for making animals.What makes these crochet animals unique compared to many others that you may have seen patterns for is that they are designed to be true stuffed animal size, rather than small amigurumi pieces. They are designed to be held and loved and “huggable”. The patterns do not include notions like buttons that might be a choking hazard for babies because the animals are really meant to be loved. It’s a great crochet book for people who are interested in making loveable toys for the kids in their lives (or for themselves, for that matter!) The patterns in this book use very simple stitches so an ambitious beginner crocheter could easily make use of this book.

Format of this crochet book

This book begins with a short introduction by the author. It then launches into five chapters each featuring different types of animals in a super fun presentation format. for example, Chapter 4 is “The Protectors: Safari Animals” and features patterns for such creatures as Byron the Lion and Seymour the Giraffe. Each chapter has a brief fantasy introduction to the creatures in that section that makes reading the book a true joy. There are four or five animal crochet patterns in each section. At the end of each section is information on how to do an alternate color version of each animal in that chapter. The book ends with sections on yarn and supplies, stitches and techniques, an “about the author” page and a simple index. These final pages are standard crochet book pages but I’d like to add that some terrific info is included here that you don’t see in all crochet books. For example, there’s some good info on caring for your crochet animals and using the right stuffing when you’re putting them together.

Each pattern in the book includes the following:

  • Descriptive name. I love the way that the names give a hint of personality for the creature.
  • Great description. The several sentence description of the animal beneath its name really fleshes out that personality, making it feel like you’re crocheting something truly special and fun.
  • Yarn used. This info is given in weight and amount and then we are also told specifically which yarn and colors were used for the pattern. At the end of the book is a special section on “alternative colors” where we learn specifically what yarns were used in the alternative color versions given at the end of each chapter. Very detailed, clear info here.
  • Hooks and any other notions used.
  • Gauge info.
  • Finished size.
  • Row by row instructions for each section of the animal (such as body, head, legs). Info here seems very clear.
  • Stitch diagrams and drawings to help you understand how it’s all supposed to come together.
  • Photo of finished object.

Examples of projects from this crochet book

Crochet 500x666 Huggable Crochet Book Review and Giveaway!

These are the alternative, whimsical color versions for the “scientific” creatures in chapter five. So fun!

Other notes

At the end of each chapter is “alternative color versions” for the animals in that chapter, something that I think adds a great unique twist to this crochet book. This is a photo of the animals from that chapter all shown together in a different color scheme from what was presented in the animal’s crochet instruction section. So you get two different color versions for each animal – one that is realistic to the animals colors in nature and one that is more whimsical and designed to encourage imagination. Very inspiring and fun. The info for the yarn used on these alternative color versions is at the end of the book, following the general sections on yarns and techniques.


Win a copy of this great crochet pattern book. US entries only. Giveaway open now through 12:01 am on Sunday 10/30. Winner will be announced on my crochet corner post on Monday 10/31.

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