How Hooked Together Builds Crochet Community

by Kathryn on October 28, 2011 · 2 comments

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hookedtogether2 500x84 How Hooked Together Builds Crochet Community

As you know if you’ve been hanging around the blog this week, I’m a little delayed on most of the week’s posts thanks to a terrific long weekend I took with my family last week. Because of that, I didn’t get a new Hooked Together post ready for today but I thought it would be a good opportunity to explain a little bit more about what my goals are with Hooked Together.

What is Hooked Together?

You can read all of the details of how Hooked Together works here. However, the basic idea is this:

  • I have a list of crochet blogs that I read, which I call my Tier One blogs.
  • I am going to each of those blogs one by one and looking at their blogrolls or “blogs I like” lists.
  • I am visiting each blog on those lists.
  • On Fridays, I report back here about which blogs are on that blogroll. I organize them to show which ones are already on my Tier One list, which are also read by another blog on my Tier One list, which are crochet, which are multi-craftual including crochet and which are non-crochet blogs.
In the end I’m going to put this all together into some sort of visual display (which I’m still figuring out) to show which blogs most crochet bloggers are reading.

Main Goal: Strengthening the Crochet Community

My number one goal of this project is to help build ties within the online crochet community. I think that we have an awesome community that is generous, supportive of one another and terrifically creative. One of my biggest goals of Crochet Concupiscence is to help strengthen that community by supporting the work that other crochet bloggers are doing as well as introducing those bloggers/ blogs to one another.

Hooked Together really helps with this goal of mine in that it allows me to really see what the connections are between crochet bloggers online right now. It’s not a perfect system. Some bloggers, myself included, read most of their blogs through a reader and don’t necessarily have them in their blogrolls so I can’t always tell who is reading what. Nevertheless, by reporting back on what I do see, I’m able to help spread the word about the blogs that others like and that the rest of us might not have known about yet.

Other Goals of Hooked Together

The main goal of Hooked Together is to share those links so that we can all love and support more crochet blogs and the online crochet community. However, I do have other goals. A key one is that I want to discover more of those blogs for myself and checking out the blogrolls allows me to do it. Yes, it’s a deliciously selfish goal of the project! Another is that I want to do an informal analysis of which crochet blogs are linked to most within the crochet community which is what the final product is going to present. Yet another is that I want to let the broader crafting community know more about the great crochet blogs that are out there and I do that by contacting the owners of the multicraftual blogs and non-crochet blogs and letting them know about Hooked Together.

So that’s what this is all about. You can come back on Friday mornings to see the ongoing posts about it. You can see the posts that have already been done here. And in December I’ll be doing a whole slew of these posts on the weekends in addition to the Friday posts so stay tuned!

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