Crochet for Your Kindle

I was talking to my mom the other day and she was telling me that a friend of hers was telling her about e-book readers because he knows a woman in her eighties who has been using a Kindle. I think it’s awesome when older people adopt new technology like that. So in honor of that little story, I thought I’d share some “crochet for Kindle” stuff – some crochet books available on Kindle as well as some Kindle crochet cozies.

Crochet Books for Kindle

crochet book 300x229 Crochet for Your Kindle

I just reviewed a hard copy of a book that a lot of people said they enjoy and it turns out it’s available on the Kindle. It’s Edie Eckman’s Around the Corner Crochet Borders: 150 Colorful, Creative Crocheted Edgings with Charts and Instructions for Turning the Corner Perfectly Every Time Crochet for Your Kindle.

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Here’s a book by an anonymous author that I’ve never seen before but would be curious to check out! It’s called Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet Crochet for Your Kindle.

kindle crochet Crochet for Your Kindle

I was surprised to learn that there are several vintage crochet patterns and collections of such patterns available for download on the Kindle, like this one: Vintage 1940’s Crochet Patterns – Doilies, Shrugs, Afghans, Purses, 30 Vintage Crochet Patterns Crochet for Your Kindle

Kindle Crochet Cozies

If you have a Kindle then you’ll want to keep it safe and what better way to do that than with a crochet cozy. You can buy one from various places, like Etsy, or you can make one yourself. Here are a few:

kindle cozy Crochet for Your Kindle

I found this one via CraftGossip. There’s a link there to the tutorial for making it.

crochet5 300x240 Crochet for Your Kindle

The pattern for this one is sold for $2 by rivkee on Etsy.

crochet kindle cozy 300x284 Crochet for Your Kindle

Or just buy a crocheted Kindle cozy already made on Etsy, like this one from bettyrama/

Do you have a Kindle?

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