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Hooked Together is my huge crochet blog project. I go through a blog’s blogroll and check out all of the blogs they read. Then I report back here, sharing their links to crochet, craft and other blogs. In the end, I’m going to put all of this together into a big display so that we can all see how the crochet community is connected within itself and to the larger craft community. It’s a big undertaking but it is oh so much fun. I hope that you find some great new blogs to read here today as I go through the blogroll of BellaCrochet.

Actually, I should note that there’s not a blogroll in the sidebar of this BlogHer blog. However, it’s a blogspot blog which means that in the blogger’s profile is a “blogs I follow” section and that’s what I’m exploring for the purpose of this Hooked Together project post. Bear in mind that many people read blogs through a reader and this isn’t necessarily reflected in the “blogs I like” section.

Okay, so first a little bit about BellaCrochet. This is a blog by Elizabeth Ann White, a crochet designer who makes lovely crochet designs including some terrific thread crochet pieces. I am always impressed by the detail of her crochet work. She is BellaCrochet on both Facebook and Etsy. Now, on to what blogs she reads …

Tier One Blogs

These blogs are on the blogroll but they’re also already in the big list of blogs I already read. Awesome.

  • Crochet by the Sea. Lovely blog with positive thoughts, life insights and lots of thread crochet.
  • Crochet Galore. Also Hooked Together by Crochet.
  • Cute Crochet Chat. I like Jocelyn Sass’s blog. It was also Hooked Together by AG Mode.
  • Daphne Nicole – Lynda Cade. I don’t know I’ve mentioned this blog much but they have very pretty feminine lacy designs that they showcase here.
  • Exquisite Thread Crochet Dainties. This is one of the few thread crochet blogs that I follow frequently.

Hooked Together Blogs

These blogs are on the blogroll but they’ve already been linked to because they were on the blogroll in a previous Hooked Together post. Also awesome.

  • CGOA Blog. This crochet organization’s blog has been Hooked Together by Anastacia Knits and AG Mode.
  • Grannies and Ripples. Collective crochet blog Hooked Together by Anastacia Knits.

New-to-Me Crochet Blogs

  • Charlotte’s Web. A yard sale lover’s craft blog featuring primarily thread crochet.
  • Crochet Couture. A photo blog of handmade crochet items, mostly but not entirely baby crochet items.
  • Crochet n Beads. This is a project update blog from a crocheter who especially loves thread crochet.
  • Crochethuahua. A woman who has been crocheting for nearly four decades shares projects and patterns, mostly of thread crochet.
  • Croché Rosa Fimo no Cantinho do croché das bonecas. Portuguese language crochet blog.
  • Hot Lava Crochet. Crochet blog of Tammy Hildebrand, chairperson of the CGOA. The blog is new and I han’t added it to my Reader yet but it’s a goodie. @hotlavacrochet
  • Mrs Twins. I follow the SIBOL blog but didn’t realize that Sue from SIBOL had her own blog as well where she collects inspiration and shares her favorite things, mostly crochet.
  • Outstanding Crochet. I am excited to discover this one which is filled with photos of high-fashion crochet.
  • Raggedy Kisses. A woman who has been crochet for more than two decades shares her projects here on this blog.
  • Rebecca’s New Crochet. Showing off completed crochet projects and talking crochet news. She’s made several of BellaCrochet’s designs.
  • RSS Designs in Fiber. This blogger shares her mostly-crochet designs including some terrific recent work in tapestry crochet. @rssdesigns

Multi-Craftual Blogs Including Crochet

Non-Crochet Blogs

Out of Date Blogs

Note that some of the ones with 2011 posts may not be discontinued but for purposes of Hooked Together a blog is considered out of date if it hasn’t been updated in the past few months.

  • A Collection of Days. Last post 2010.
  • Bad Kitty Blog. Link no longer active.
  • Barbara Crochet Studio. Last post 2010.
  • By Elizabeth Cat. This one may not be out of date but it’s a “by invitation only” link so I couldn’t take a peek.
  • Curiotree. Last post 2010.
  • Elementalizard’s Burrow. No posts.
  • Hook and Wool. No posts.
  • Hooked on Thread. Link no longer active.
  • Mishap Odds and Ends. Last post July 2011.
  • Southern Graces. Last post July 2011.
  • Stinky Peanuts. This one may not be out of date but it’s a “by invitation only” link so I couldn’t take a peek.
  • Tatting Chic. Last post July 2011.
  • Thread Artists on Etsy. Link no longer active.

What did I find? This was a really fun blogroll for me to explore. I was not surprised to find that BellaCrochet reads a lot of thread crochet blogs that were new to me. I learned that she tends to like blogs that emphasize photos over text. In fact, I kind of wonder if she knows the foreign languages of the foreign blogs she follows or if she doesn’t care because she likes the images. Definitely added some new things to my own reader and was happy to see that several of the items were previously Hooked Together by several different blogs.

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