Adoring Crochet Blogs with Some Link Love

Image via Handamde Spark; see interview with artist there

The last week of September had some great crochet blog posts (just like every week does!) Here were some of my favorites:

  • Fresh Stitches. She did a whole week of interviews with indie yarn dyers and spinners and the whole week is terrific. I love getting yarn from indie folks and have myself gotten yarn from the first person she interviewed, Tami of Candy Skein.
  • Positively Crochet. Mary Jane Hall shows how one of her crochet designs can be worn in many different ways. Great to see because it would apply to some other designs as well and may be something for you to consider if you create or adapt your own crochet designs.
  • Howie Woo. It’s so fun to watch this crochet artist’s video of his encounter with the Cute-a-Killer … a crochet creature!
  • Stitch Story. Absolutely loved the eye candy pleasure of looking at the necklace she made and showed off on the blog this week.
  • Comfort Creatures. What a cute pink crochet bunny!
  • WEBS. 8th annual knit and crochet for a cure event is happening this weekend.
  • Craftsy had a nice post explaining why some patterns are offered for free and others are not.
  • One Sheepish Girl. Amazingly beautiful image-rich post showing the crochet inspiration of designer Helen Rodel.
  • ElisabethAndree made a beautiful buttoned convertible scarf that can also turn into a shawl or sleeves. Pattern on her site.
  • Thornberry shared a lovely find of a picture with two gals wearing terrific yellow crochet dresses.
Happy reading!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the links! I love finding new crochet blogs to follow!

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