Storms Devastate Crochet Museum and Yarn Store

I am a little bit delayed in reporting on this topic but of course everyone already knows that storms, earthquakes and inclement weather have wracked the nation recently. In scanning around for crochet news, I saw two poignant stories about how storms did damage that’s sad for fiber lovers.

Hurricane Irene Floods Yarn Store

I think one of the saddest business stories that I read about in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene was Mike Colapietro’s report about a downtown Wilmington, Vermont yarn store that was completely flooded. Handknits had more than 1400 square feet of space filled with yarn. The image Mike paints is one of yarn floating around town after the store flooded, ending up all over the place after the storm. Drenched yarn without a home is just such a sad picture. The town has come together to help try to rebuild businesses like this that were damaged in the storm but what a tough thing to go through!

Crochet Museum Tips Over in Storm

Another sad story is that the World Famous Crochet Museum in Joshua Tree tipped over on its side in an August storm. I learned about this from CrochetBug who has a great explanation of what this museum is – essentially a huge collection of crochet items inside of an old former Fotomat booth.

Sometimes nature is mean!



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  1. That is sad. I think I would probably wander around town picking up the yarn. (just kidding). 🙂

  2. That is sad. I think I would probably wander around town picking up the yarn. (just kidding). 🙂

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