My Crochet: Lover’s Knot Ribbon Scarf

The statue beneath my scarf is art created by my friend Anna.

If it’s Wednesday then it’s time for me to show off an item that I’ve crocheted. It’s a crochet scarf, which I made using Fern loop-d-loop yarn. You can learn more about the yarn from a review coming later today. The scarf is just a series of Lover’s Knots completed in rows. Simple pattern but the complexity of the yarn itself makes it more interesting.



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  1. Oh, I do like this. What an inspiration you are!

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  3. Pretty! Love the scarf, love the statue, love the redo around here!

  4. Very pretty … off to google lover’s knots!!

  5. Beautiful scarf, looks so soft and cozy like a cushiony cloud. Love it!

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  8. what size hook did you use? I am typically a knitter, but can do basic crochet. I have some of this yarn and love the scarf you made… trying to figure out how to make it…

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