Today is International Crochet Day. Let’s learn more about it and figure out some ways to celebrate! At the end of the post is a linky … add your link if you’ve written anything on your blog about International Crochet Day!

History of International Crochet Day

I learned from a 2009 post by Crochet Liberation Front that September 12th was declared International Crochet Day by Jimbo’s Front Porch. (If you aren’t familiar with him, Jimbo sells some great handcrafted crochet hooks.) Searching through Jimbo’s site I found his first post about International Crochet Day, which he started in 2007. Here’s what he said:

“I have thought for a long time now that the art of crochet and those who practice the art deserve some significant recognition. And so in my great power as the Ruthless Tyrant of my vast hook empire have decided to declare that Sept 12, 2007 will be a Holiday that I’m cleverly calling “International Crochet Day”. I’m giving everyone who works for me (ME) a day off. You just go ahead and take the day off too…. tell’em Jimbo said it’s ok (see where that gets you!)”

Ideas for Celebrating International Crochet Day

Throughout the web over the past four years there have been numerous suggestions made for how to celebrate international crochet day. Here are some of those ideas and some of my own:

  • Crochet in public. Talk to people about what you’re working on!
  • Crochet an item for giveaway. (Crochet Me suggests hats and flowers in their roundup of 10 things to do for International Crochet Day).
  • Teach someone how to crochet. Do it in person or share your knowledge via YouTube or written format.
  • Learn a new crochet technique or skill to expand upon your own experience of crochet.
  • Do a crochet giveaway. That’s what Jimbo does each year – giving away a set of his great hooks!
  • Buy a handcrafted crochet item. Support the crochet that other people are doing! KRW Knitwear is offering 20% off of her items for this one day only!
  • Spread the word about International Crochet Day. Tell people on your blog, social sites and real world why crochet is an amazing craft.

International Crochet Day Linky!

I thought I would contribute to International Crochet Day by helping gather together all of the links to posts that people put up about this great holiday. I’ve never added a linky to any of my blogs before, so we’ll see if this works …




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