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It’s time for another blogroll exploring adventure. If you don’t know what Hooked Together is all about then just go here to find out the complete details. Note that I’m adding a new section to each of these posts – a section showing which links are already my Tier One links. This is just a way to help with my own organization of all of these blogs. Later in the project I want to do a big visual showing which blogs are linked together and how. This week I’m exploring the blogrolls on two blogs: Addicted to Alpaca and Aesthetic Nest.

Blogroll Exploration #1: Addicted to Alpaca

Addicted to Alpaca is the blog of Mary Beth Temple, the terrific crocheter who wrote a book I’m reading right now called Hooked for Life: Adventures of a Crochet Zealot. She is Hooked4Life on Twitter, which is where I follow her most. Addicted to Alpaca doesn’t have frequent updates but it’s been up since 2005 so it’s a steady crochet blog. It doesn’t have a big blogroll – just a couple in the links and then some “about me” links to other blogs that she’s been a part of.

A Tier One Crochet Blog

A Tier One link is just a crochet blog that I already follow. If the blog I’m exploring has a link to one of these, it goes in this section of the post.

  • The New Crochet Cowl Scarves. This is a blog that collects posts by a number of great crochet designers when they have a new cowl design to share. I like cowls, so I like this one. Other designers who have posted here recently include Crochet Renee, Margaret Hubert, Vashti Braha and Shelby Allaho.

Non-Crochet Blogs

  • Spinneret. A multi-author knitting, spinning and dyeing blog. This one has a fun feeling about it.
  • Now Norma Knits. Mostly a knitting and gardening personal blog by @nownorma.

Out of Date Blog Links

  • Just Fugging Around. A now-dated knitting blog that Mary Beth Temple was a co-author of.
What did I find? With only a few links out, this was an easy one to explore. No new crochet blogs that I want to follow but I might keep my eye on Spinneret.

Blogroll Exploration #2: Aesthetic Nest

Aesthetic Nest is a beautiful blog by Anneliese. This is a multi-craftual blog with lots of tutorials including one for a cute crochet kerchief. It launched in 2006 and has included crochet as well as knitting, sewing and other crafts. It’s AestheticNest on Twitter and there’s both a Facebook and an Etsy for the site. There’s not a sidebar blogroll but this is a blogspot blog so there’s a “blogs I follow” section in the profile.

A Tier One Crochet Blog

I already follow and enjoy:

  • Craft Gossip. I specifically follow the crochet posts, of course.

Already Posted on Another Hooked Together Post

These blogs were already featured on another post in the Hooked Together feature because someone else had them on their blogroll:

Multi-craftual Blogs that Include Crochet

  • Free Pretty Things for You. This blog “where lovely handmade meets vintage love” occasionally has vintage crochet posts. There’s a Wednesday link party where people can sure whatever they want and that’s where I found the most crochet stuff. Lots of non-crochet giveaways here.
  • Anna Maria Horner. This blog about family, quilting and sewing also has some crochet posts and every crochet item that the designer showcases here is truly beautiful.
  • Art as Life. A freelance graphic designer’s great art and inspiration blog. Crochet pops up here and there as part of the design.
  • Copycat Crafts. This is the first time I’ve seen this how-to-make-designer-knockoffs blog. There are a few crochet how-to posts in the mix although it’s by no means a focus of the blog.
  • Craft Hope. This one is super cool. It shares craft projects designed to help people in need around the world. Many of these are open to people who crochet.
  • Dana Made It. Huge variety of crafts and family stuff. Crochet pops up here and there.
  • Delia Creates. Craft blog with fun tutorials including one I adore for a crocheted textured bow tie.
  • Fireflies and Jellybeans. This DIY craft blog isn’t really about crochet but there are frequent interviews with crafters as well as giveaways that seem to feature crochet.
  • Giverslog. A California chocolate-making mom shares tales of what she gives to others and shares through the mail. Her inspiration boards sometimes feature crochet items.
  • Happy Together. I don’t know if there’s any handmade craft not featured on this blog! The crochet stuff features a lot of items for kids.
  • Homemade by Jill. Another big crafty blog with tons of stuff. It has about two dozen crochet posts including some cute crocheted food.
  • Hometown Girl. A mom’s creativity blog that includes both vintage and handmade crochet items in some of the posts.
  • Oh Happy Day. A San Franciscan – turned – Parisian party planner and letterpress designer shares her creativity. She recently learned to crochet and there have been some posts about it on the blog.
  • Knitting Lemonade. Although mostly a knitting blog, there are a few posts about crochet as well.
  • Lil Blue Boo. This sewing and art blog features a few posts that include crochet. The blogger learned to crochet in January of this year and seems to spot crochet around and about.
  • Luv in the Mommyhood. Crafty mom blog with beautiful photos of crochet work.
  • Maya Made. A rural New Yorker mom shares all her crafty stuff. Quite a few posts on vintage finds feature crochet.
  • Heartmade. An inspiration blog encouraging adventurous creativity. Many of the photo collages feature crochet items.
  • Mon Petit Violin. A great crochet and knitting blog. It offers some free downloadable patterns include a bobble cowl I adore.
  • One Pretty Thing. This blog links to tons of tutorials including numerous crochet tutorials and patterns.
  • PaperNStitch. This blog promotes artisans of all types including people who work in crochet. Lots of links out to other crochet blogs.
  • Posie Gets Cozy. Lots of different home and creativity posts. Love the Minna Crochet Dress pattern featured in the sidebar.
  • Ric Rac. A unique mostly-sewing blog featuring toys and robots and such. Also features some crocheted items.
  • Rocket and Bear. A “visual diary” showing off a variety of crafting stuff including the blogger’s crochet work.
  • Rose Hip. This is one of those blogs about lots of different things with crochet coming in here and there. There are some crochet pattern links in the sidebar.
  • Ruffles and Stuff. Mostly a sewing blog with some crochet in there too.
  • Spud & Chloe. This is the blog of a yarn store I’ve eyed online. There are some crochet patterns on the blog. I would probably follow it except that I can’t figure out how to get it to work with Google Reader.
  • The Crimson Owl. Super creative mama writing about lots of different things. She does crochet.
  • The Style Files. A design and lifestyle blog with periodic posts that include crocheted items.
  • Tatertots and Jello. A Weekend Link Party often shares crochet stuff on this super-crafty blog.
  • The Mother Huddle. This blog has tons of different craft stuff on it by different moms including some crochet posts mixed in with everything else.
  • The Long Thread. Mostly a sewing blog but there are Etsy Roundups and Craft Roundups that often include crochet stuff.
  • This Mama Makes Stuff. A crafty blog from someone who crochets and shares her crochet work.
  • Tiny Happy. Lots of creative things in a small size. Lots of crochet in the archives.
  • TipNut. Tips for all sorts of crafty things. Includes lots of crochet tips and links to lots of free crochet patterns.
  • Two Little Dicky Birds. This blogger loves to find things to decorate her home and then share them in her blog. She has an affinity for crochet blankets.
  • U-Create Crafts. A “how to create” crafty blog with a small number of crochet posts.
  • Wee Wonderfuls. Making things for kids including some crochet items.
  • You Go Girl. Blog with an Etsy store of the same name that includes lots of crochet creations.

Non-Crochet Blogs

Out of Date Blog Links

  • Andrus Menage. This one may actually not be out of date but it’s for invited readers only.
  • Elliphantom Knits. Last post in December 2010.
  • Innove. The last post on this interior design blog was in March although it’s been around for five years so it’s probably just in a short slump.
  • Fauset Photography. Last post was January 2011.
  • Jessica Torres photography. Last post was in March.
  • Katie Did. Last post March 2010.
  • Mammalicious Finds. The blog just says that they are on a hiatus.
  • Orange Flower Sketchbook. Also just says it isn’t active right now.
  • Sommer Designs. This Typepad Blog doesn’t seem to be working for me but the tab is opening (the page is staying blank) so maybe it’s a server or temporary problem?
  • While They Sleep. Last updated in February.

What did I find? Aesethetic Nest follows an array of terrifically beautiful blogs! Not a lot of them were crochet and yet I wanted to follow them anyway because they’re so pretty. I eventually want to try my hand at quilting and will definitely return to this list when I do that. In the meantime, I added a few new blogs to my reader. I really love the Craft Hope blog that I discovered here. I was really impressed that there were so many blogs on this list and yet so few of them were familiar to me. There are SO many great creative blogs out there. And something for everyone because even though I’m not at all interested in personal family blogs and party planning blogs, it’s intriguing to see that there are so many out there for people who do find this of interest.


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