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Hooked Together is my huge crochet blog project. I go through a blog’s blogroll and check out all of the blogs they read. Then I report back here, sharing their links to crochet, craft and other blogs. When all is said and done I’ll be doing a visual art project showing the connections between crochet bloggers and what they read online.

This week I’ve got a short and sweet blogroll to check out over at An Open Book which was a participant in my first crochet blog project: Hookin’ Up. An Open Book is a lovely blog by Rowena who has currently lost her crafting mojo (happens to the best of us now and then) but who is a great creative crafter that shares here life and work in her blog. Much of her crochet is inspired by the beautiful colors in the nature of Australia where she lives. Let’s see who is on her blogroll:

Tier One Blogs

These blogs are on the blogroll but they’re also already in the big list of blogs I already read. Awesome.

  • Crochet with Raymond. Alice shares lots of wonderful posts about crochet as well as spinning yarn. Always love the beauty of the photos in those yarn posts! Who is Raymond? The cat!
  • Yarn Dharma. Keri also participated in my Hookin Up project. Maybe that’s how Rowena found her?! She uses her blog to show off her constantly developing crochet skills – always fun to see.

Hooked Together Blogs

These blogs are on the blogroll but they’ve already been linked to because they were on the blogroll in a previous Hooked Together post. Also awesome.

Multi-Craftual Blogs Including Crochet

  • Handmade Lives. So happy to have discovered this blog, which is all about the lives of creative entrepreneurs. It is specifically about creative folks in the UK, though, because all of the interviews for the blog are done face to face. I wonder if there’s something similar in the US?

Non-Crochet Blogs

  • A site, not a blog, but a beautiful link to Buddhism on The Big View.
  • FingerPricks. A subversive cross stich blog. Always fun!
  • While Tangerine Dreams. A lovely crafty blog. The blogger actually took a crochet class in 2006. However she writes about sewing, knitting and simplicity parenting on this blog.

What did I find? This was a nice short blogroll to check out, which gave me a chance to spend more time on each blog. That was fun. I added Handmade Lives to my own blogroll. And I really liked FingerPricks and While Tangerine Dreams. Fun stuff.


There are a couple of blogs on my original list that didn’t have blogrolls links that I could find so I’ve skipped over them in Hooked Together. The next blog on my list to explore was actually Alli Crafts. This is a great crochet blog that features a lot of patterns. Fun read. And following that was Ambassador Crochet, the blog of crochet designer Kristine Mullen. Also a great crochet blog. Next week I’ll be exploring the awesome blogroll of AnastaciaKnits!

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