Crochet Quote: Hairpin Lace History

Today’s crochet quote is comes from the section on Hairpin Lace crochet in the Crochet Master Classbook edited by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss, which I reviewed here on the blog earlier today. The crochet master for this section is Jennifer Hansen, aka Stitch Diva. I just love the imagery in the quote, which is part of a larger section on the history of hairpin lace.

“In the early nineteenth century, young women spent hours creating miles and miles of laces to decorate the large quantities of household linens and delicate personal undergarments that would fill their hope chests.”

Have you tried hairpin lace?


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  1. Mostlynerdycrochet

    If the world lacked computers and TVs I bet there would be a lot more time spent on the arts, especially something as intricate as lace for all the crocheters out there.

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