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Hooked Together is my huge crochet blog project. I go through a blog’s blogroll and check out all of the blogs they read. Then I report back here, sharing their links to crochet, craft and other blogs. I have been excited all week about going through the blogroll for Anastacia Knits because just a glance at it told me there were lots of blogs there and definitely some new ones I didn’t know yet.

Anastacia Knits is on Twitter @AnastaciaKnits and can also be found on Facebook, Etsy and Pinterest. She posts frequently about crochet although this is a gal who does a little bit of it all when it comes to yarn: knitting, spinning and dyeing at times. Her blog shows off all of her work and includes some other random fun stuff like book reviews. She’s got my blog in her blogroll – thanks Anastacia! Let’s check out what else is on the blogroll:

Tier One Blogs

These blogs are on the blogroll but they’re also already in the big list of blogs I already read. Awesome.

  • Aesthetic Nest. Not only do I follow this crafty blog but it’s already been Hooked Together.
  • Craft Gossip. I follow the crochet section of this great crafty blog. It’s been Hooked Together once before, actually by Aesthetic Nest. In addition to following the main blog, Anastacia Knits specifically follows the Recycled Crafts section.
  • CRAFT. I love seeing all of the cool things that come together on the Craft blog and am super excited when the posts are crochet posts.
  • Crochet with Raymond. I love Alice’s blog about all yarn-y goodness and recently linked to her lovely post on the idea of “slow yarn”.
  • Crochetvolution. This isn’t actually on my blog list because it’s an online crochet pattern magazine but I’m definitely familiar with it.
  • Doris Chan’s Everyday Crochet. I read this one and it’s been Hooked Together by Aberrant Crochet and although Anastacia Knits and both have the link to the older URL which changed over in March.
  • Sarah London’s Blog. You might have noticed on Tuesday that I was a stop on @sarah_london’s blog tour for her new book Granny Square Love. And actually, there’s still a little time to enter the book giveaway on that post!
  • iCrochet. I regularly join up in the link shares to crochet stuff on my blog.
  • Le Monde de Sucrette. I fell in love with this crochet blog when it launched the big granny challenge and always enjoy seeing her colorful crochet work.
  • Planet June. Crochet designer June Gilbank shares her work and inspiration on this fabulous blog.
  • Tami’s Amis. Lots of crochet lovers follow this host of the WIP and FO link parties. I particularly like her posts about her Candy Skein yarn line.
  • Underground Crafter. Marie has a terrific blog with great interviews of crochet masters and more.
  • Unraveled. The @ravelry news blog.
  • What Not to Crochet. I do get a kick out of this blog about wacky weird things that some people crochet.
  • Yarnbombing. The blog related to the book of the same name, which I’ve reviewed here previously.

Hooked Together Blogs

These blogs are on the blogroll but they’ve already been linked to because they were on the blogroll in a previous Hooked Together post. Also awesome.

  • Attic 24. I’ve been diligently following this crochet blog since discovering it on in Hooked Together over at
  • CGOA Blog. Linked together last week by AGMode and later I realized also previously linked up on the crochet blog.
  • Cats and Casseroles. This cooking and recipe blog was Hooked Together with A Surprise Every Time.
  • Cluck Cluck Sew. Hooked Together by Aesthetic Nest.
  • Film in the Fridge. Also Hooked Together by Aesthetic Nest.
  • How About Orange. Also Hooked Together by Aesthetic Nest.
  • Juicy Bits. Also Hooked Together by Aesthetic Nest.
  • Living with Punks. Yep, another Aesthetic Nest shared blog.
  • Dana Made It. Also on Aesthetic Nest’s blogroll. A lot of the blogs they have in common are sewing blogs.
  • One Pretty Thing. Hooked Together by Aesthetic Nest.
  • Susan B. Anderson. Aesthetic Nest also reads this knitting blog.
  • Tatertots and Jello. Also Hooked Together by Aesthetic Nest.
  • The Garden Bell. Hooked Together by Aesthetic Nest and
  • Today’s Creative Blog. Hooked Together by Aesthetic Nest.
  • U-Create. Hooked Together by Aesthetic Nest.
  • Visions of Sugarplums. Hooked Together by A Surprise Every Time and Affordable Wonders.

New-to-Me Crochet Blogs

Multi-Craftual Blogs Including Crochet

  • A Girl and a Glue Gun. Kim is a self-proclaimed craft hoarder who blogs about her experiences with so many crafts I can’t keep up. There are a couple of crochet posts and she sometimes features crochet items in various photos. She’s @agirlandgluegun on Twitter.
  • Annie Get Your Glue Gun. I’m starting to think maybe Anastacia has a bit of a glue gun blog obsession. icon smile Anastacia Knits Gets Hooked Together! This one features cooking, sewing and various crafts with amigurumi and crochet both featured but mostly in older posts. You can follow @gluegunannie on Twitter.
  • Angry Chicken. Author Amy Karol writes about lots of different crafts and life stuff including cooking, fabric and Japanese craft books. There are lots of posts in the archives about her forays into crochet.
  • Between the Lines. A beautiful DIY craft blog filled with tutorials including some older crochet posts like this one on crocheting art on a coat hanger.
  • Cakies. A Christian family and craft blog by @cakiestweets. There are occasional posts where crochet makes an appearance.
  • Cathy Fillian’s Domestic in the City. This BlogHer blog is another multi-craft blog with some crochet and references to The Crochet Dude Drew Emborsky.
  • Christopher and Tia. A photo-rich family blog that turned up some posts about wanting to learn how to crochet better in last year’s archives and then a note earlier this year that it was one of 2011′s goals. Would love to see it happen!
  • Cosymakes. Lovely wooly craft blog although unfortunately most of the crochet posts are several years old. @cosymakes
  • CraftyPod. I actually have no idea how I didn’t already familiarize myself with this blog since I actually follow blogger @sisterdiane on Twitter. Tons of great craft information here including tutorials and info about the craft business. Specific crochet posts only a few times per year but definitely worth following anyway.
  • Crazy Mom Quilts. Luscious creative quilting blog with occasional dips into the craft of crochet.
  • Creative Jewish Mom. Ridiculous number of crafts featured here including some great crochet like this recent plarn doily clock tutorial. @creativejmom
  • Creative Kismet. Another great blog from someone who does lots of crafting. There is knit and crochet in the archives but nothing recent. Still, there are some great other crafts here. @creativekismet
  • Daisy Quilts. A mostly quilting craft blog with some affection for crochet and great photos when crochet work is completed.
  • Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. Celebration of modern housewifery. Blogger Sandra crochets among many other home-y, crafty things and the posts about it are sweet. You’ll find crochet tutorials here, too.
  • Team EcoEtsy. Since starting Hooked Together I’ve come to really appreciate the various blogs of Etsy teams. This one, is the name suggests, is about green Etsy stores and it has lots of different eco-tips. @EcoEtsy
  • Freebies for Crafters. A blog that links to all sorts of crafty freebies around the web including crochet patterns and other crochet freebies.
  • Handmade Homemaker. Krista loves lots of different crafts. She hadn’t crocheted in a long time but was recently inspired by Pinterest to start up again. Awesome.
  • Handmadeology. Blog of the Etsy Team of the same name, a team committed to helping the handmade movement with education about selling handmade items.
  • House on Hill Road. Crafty blog. Crochet only in the archives including some good crochet book reviews.
  • It’s a Blog Party. A blog of blog parties. Definitely some here to join that are appropriate for crochet lovers.
  • Knithacker. Collection of all things fibery that are unique and fun. Lots of amigurumi finds. @knithacker.
  • Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs. This blogger enjoys crafting with recycled materials and crochet is one of the prominent crafts on the blog.
  • Lazy Knits and Purls. Mostly a knitting blog but she also crochets and shares the results when she does.
  • Maggie Makes. A blog about taking traditional crafts and making them modern. The blogger learned to crochet in 2010 and steadily features crochet in posts. @maggie_makes
  • Make and Takes. Crafty turorials and patterns including a basic crochet series. @makeandtakes
  • Molly’s Meanderings. Quilt-loving Australian crafter who sometimes delves into crochet.
  • My Sister’s Knitter. Knitting and crochet blog. She’s currently got some pretty crochet hexis going.
  • Rogue Editing Design. Really unique blog by a knitting and crochet pattern editor. The blog has been moved from the one on Anastacia’s blogroll to the one I’ve linked here.
  • Saved By Love Creations. Crafty blog with tutorials and patterns including a couple of crochet patterns. @SavedByLoves
  • Simply Modern Mom. A blog about modern motherhood including crafting and featuring some of the author’s crochet work. @simplymodernmom
  • Slip Stitches and More. It seems like nearly every major needlecraft is covered on this blog.
  • Stitch Marker. Crafty creative blog with some crochet.
  • Stitch Therapy Knit Along. A knit along blog for making mystery blankets and practicing knit stitches.
  • Stitched in Color. Quilting and fabric blog with some crochet posts and all about celebrating color! @stitchedincolor
  • Sunshine’s Creations. Happy craft blog with emphasis on crochet.
  • The Modern Mom. A working mom tries to balance it all. Sometimes she crochets.
  • The Purl Bee. Patterns and projects in all areas of stitchcraftery including crochet. Crochet isn’t the primary craft but it’s here. Yarn and hook information also.
  • Totally Tutorials. A blog with tutorials for doing lots of different stuff including about four dozen crochet tutorials. @dotdotstitch
  • Useless Beauty Designs. Blog about knitting and crochet and sewing and other crafty love.
  • Wendymoon Designs. Crafty project blog with an emphasis on sewing but some posts about crochet. @wendy_designs
  • WhipUp. DIY craft and design blog. Crochet often featured in guest posts. Lots of fun. @whipup
  • Yarn Yuck. Similar to What Not to Crochet but this one is for crochet as well as knitting. Fun. @yarnyuck

 Non-Crochet Blogs

Out of Date Blogs

  • Changelings Knit and Stitch Podcast
  • Folding Trees. A paper craft blog where you can still find archived tutorials.
  • Jon the Collector.
  • Loving the Vintage. Last post was in February.
  • Midwestern Mainer. Personal blog. Blogged about once a month last year but only once this year.
  • One Loop Short. A nice crochet blog but it hasn’t been updated since March.
  • Online Publicist. Book review blog last posted in January.
  • Slow Cooking. Link doesn’t work.
  • Sukigirl. Last post in March.
  • The 6 o’clock Stitch. This one isn’t necessarily out of date but it’s open to invited readers only so I couldn’t access it.
  • The Purse Project.
  • Tudor Stuff.
  • Why Would You Knit That?!

What did I find? This was a really fun blogroll to explore because it’s so rich with eclectic creative blogs to read. You can tell that Anastacia Knits not only likes crafts of all kinds but also likes good food, good books and history. I was happy that a lot of the blogs were already on my list and my previous Hooked Together posts because ultimately I want to see how we’re all tied together. I was also happy to find some new crochet blogs I didn’t already have on my radar. I added well over a dozen new blogs to my blog reader thanks to this Hooked Together exploration.


Are you enjoying Hooked Together?

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