5 Must-Have Crochet Items for Surfers

Love to surf or know someone who does? Here are five crochet items to put on the must-buy or must-make list:

1. Crochet Swimsuit.

The number one crochet item that any surfer needs is a swimsuit. Crochet swimwear has grown increasingly popular thanks to publicity like runway shows by Australian designer Lisa Maree and magazine coverage in Sports Illustrated. Yes, there are crochet swimsuits that are made well enough to not only look good but to stay up in the water.

One that I love is The Striped Swimsuit with Shells, by Minchaka.by/julia; pattern available on Ravelry.

2. Crochet Tote Bag.

You always have stuff that you need to throw in a bag with you to take to the beach (like your surfboard wax and sunscreen!). A crochet tote bag is a practical, stylish solution. One book that offers several styles that you can make yourself is Crochet Bags!: 15 Hip Projects for Carrying Your Stuff

I also like this “beach mat and tote bag”; pattern available on FaveCrafts:

3. Barefoot Crochet Sandals.

Most surfers that I know like to be able to feel the sand on their toes as their walking around the beach between surf sessions. Barefoot crochet sandals are a totally stylish way to make that happen. There are many different designs and patterns for crochet sandals. I like these; pattern sold on Folksy by Isamo Crochet.

4. Crochet Water Bottle Holder.

Surfing is a great sport that makes you tired and thirsty out there under the sun. You always want to make sure that you have a bottle of water with you. Crochet water bottle holders are definitely popular right now, such as this one designed by FairTradeFamily:

5. Crochet Plushies and Decorations.

You might want to be hitting the waves every minute of every day but that’s simply not possible. Show off and celebrate your love of the beach with items in your home that reflect surfing and the ocean. For example, how about this adorable crocheted crab made by Etsy’s SweetCarolyns:

Or this crocheted surfboard, also sold on Etsy, by madewithlovebylaura:

What crochet item would you most want as a surfer?

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  1. I have all of these except the barefoot sandals, because I think barefoot sandals are silly and I have feet that aren’t worth showcasing besides. =D

  2. I have all of these except the barefoot sandals, because I think barefoot sandals are silly and I have feet that aren’t worth showcasing besides. =D

  3. http://yarnchick.blogspot.com/

    These are all very nice, love the swimsuit!
    I’ve been trying to comment on your blog for some time hun, I hope this works 😉

    • @YarnChick … It worked – Sorry to hear that you were having problems with commenting. :( I hate when that happens on other blogs so I know how annoying that can be. Thanks for being persistent!

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