Yarn Review: Six Skeins Mediterranean Mood

A couple of weeks ago I shared my experience with you of shopping online with Six Skeins. At the time I hadn’t used the yarn, yet, though, so I reviewed the store but not the yarn. Now I’ve used the yarn and am ready to share!

The basics of this yarn

This yarn is an Aran weight 10-ply British Bluefaced Leicester yarn. The 100 gram skein is almost 200 yards and was bought for $16 in the seller’s Etsy store. It is kettle dyed using a blend of 2 Jacquard dyes.

The colorway

The color that I used was Mediterranean Mood. The seller accurately describes it as a yarn “in vibrant shades of blue, cyan, and turquoise” that remind her of the sea around Turkey where she spent her honeymoon. I love that description! And it really captures the essence of the different shades that are in this colorway.

As I began working with this yarn, I really began to realize just how bright the colors are. When I was looking at them in the skein I would’ve blandly described them as “blue and light blue” (my descriptive issues, nothing bland about this yarn!) However, as I started working it up I realized that there is some REALLY bright blue in this skein. And I love it. It’s almost like there is an undertone of neon in the turquoise portion of the yarn, just enough to add a really bold brightness to the yarn but not so much that it overwhelms the eye. It’s lovely.

The feel of this yarn

This is a 100% BFL wool yarn. It is soft and because it’s a thick 10-ply yarn it’s also a bit “squishy” to the touch. That makes it easy to work with. It’s not itchy.

Against a brighter color

How I am using this yarn

I am making a large granny square blanket that is primarily done in Caron Simply Soft Paints but I’m adding a few rounds of nicer yarns to provide color and texture. This is one of the yarns I’m using as a few rounds in the blanket. The other yarns are kind of dark and rich (in the blue / green color spectrum, though) so this really adds some nice pop to the blanket. It’s a good choice.

Also in photo: Caron Simply Soft Paints and Paton's Silk Bamboo

Conclusion: I enjoyed working with this seller and love the color of the yarn!

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