Yarn Review: Patons Silk Bamboo

DSC03414 500x375 Yarn Review: Patons Silk Bamboo

This week’s yarn review is of the yarn that is currently my very favorite yarn: Patons Silk Bamboo.

The Basics of This Yarn

Patons Silk Bamboo, as the name suggests, is a silk and bamboo blend yarn. To be specific, it is 70% bamboo and 30% silk. My Ravelry stash tells me it is a DK weight 8ply yarn and that a ball of it runs 102 yards. I paid a little less than $7 for the ball I got, purchased locally at an art store called Mendel’s in The Haight. A quick glance online shows that it sells for about $6 per ball through sites like Amazon Yarn Review: Patons Silk Bamboo, Mary Maxim and Patons itself.

A Note on the Silk/ Bamboo Blend

I bought it along with several yarns I’d never tried before sometime last year when I wanted to try something new. At the time, I didn’t know how rare it is to get a yarn that is a silk/ bamboo blend without any other fiber in it. Typically it has some type of wool in it as well, usually merino. After discovering recently that I LOVE this blend, I’ve started looking for other yarns to try that are also silk/bamboo only. So far I’ve found only a few online and none locally. Vickie Howell’s LOVE is apparently this same blend, same ratio. And WEBS sells Sublime Baby Silk and Bamboo which is an 80/20 bamboo/silk blend. I haven’t tried these yet so I can’t say how Patons Silk Bamboo compares to the others that are the same blend but I can say that I adore this blend!!

The Color of This Yarn

patons bamboo silk medium Yarn Review: Patons Silk Bamboo

The color that I chose to get was Sapphire, a deep teal color. I absolutely love how vivid it is. It has a great sheen to it because of the type of fiber that it is so it’s bright and yet dark and yet shiny. It’s a lovely effect. The Patons website shows that there are currently 15 color options (all solid colors) for this silk bamboo yarn:

Screen shot 2011 08 23 at 6.31.37 PM Yarn Review: Patons Silk Bamboo

The color as shown on the site like this, though, doesn’t represent the deepness and beauty of the yarn’s color in my opinion. The sapphire is definitely brighter and richer than this shows. I’d love to see some of the others in person, especially the orchid, stone and sea.

The Way This Yarn Feels

I can not even begin to describe how soft this yarn is. It is luscious. Bamboo and silk are both soft yarns and what I really love is that they are soft without being at all fuzzy. I feel like looking up the synonyms for soft just to be able to more accurately describe this yarn but I know my description isn’t going to do it justice anyway.

How I Am Using This Yarn

Screen shot 2011 08 01 at 3.37.17 PM 500x3731 Yarn Review: Patons Silk Bamboo

I used this yarn as one of the rounds in my large granny square blanket that I’m working on. It’s the darker blue pictured here … with a lighter blue (Mediterranean Mood from Six Skeins) and Caron’s Paints.

Screen shot 2011 08 23 at 6.36.39 PM 500x298 Yarn Review: Patons Silk Bamboo

Although I am using the yarn as just a small round in this blanket (because I wanted to give some extra luxury to what is mostly a basic yarn blanket), I would say that this yarn could be used for much bigger pieces. It seems like it would drape well and yet it also holds a bit of structure (not entirely, but enough for most basic garments, I think). And it’s super soft so it would probably be good for people with sensitive skin.

CONCLUSION: I love this yarn and would use it and use it and use it!! icon smile Yarn Review: Patons Silk Bamboo

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Yarn Review: Patons Silk Bamboo

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