My Crochet Work: FPDC/BPDC Scarf

I made this scarf as a way to explore working with an alternating fpdc stitch and bpdc stitch. I love the way that this simple stitch pattern repeated over and over makes a super cushy fabric. This is a dollar store yarn but it feels really plush when worked up in what amounts to a two-sided thick fabric. Adore it. I typically wouldn’t wear such a bright color but I’ve actually kind of been having fun with it!

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  1. Bright colors are always a good idea, just not too many at once! Great looking scarf, definitely looks as cozy as you say.

  2. Nice :))

  3. Nice :))

  4. Looking fab. I’ve never tried any kind of post stitching before. Do you mean alternate every other stitch fpdc and bpdc, or do you alternate rows?

    • @Abi – I alternated every other stitch to basically create a double sided fabric that pops out from either side of the center. It’s really fun!

  5. It’s pretty – looks good on you. :)

  6. Wow, so many posts since my last visit!!
    I like your new scarf!

  7. Wow, so many posts since my last visit!!
    I like your new scarf!

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