Hooked Together! Exploring Crochet Blogrolls

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hookedtogether 500x842 Hooked Together! Exploring Crochet Blogrolls

Today is the next installment in Hooked Together, the project where I explore the links on the blogs I already follow in an attempt to find all of the great crochet/yarn blogs out there.

The next blog on my list of blogs to check out is A Surprise Every Time. New York blogger Kathleen, who has a store of her creations on Zibbet, launched this blog in September 2008 but she’s been far more active in blogging this year than in years past. A look at her tag cloud reveals that she writes primarily about crafting but also occasionally writes about books and food. I love looking at her amigurumi / crochet creatures, which she shares in both WIP and FO form.

Kathleen doesn’t keep a blogroll in her sidebar but this is a blogspot blog so she does have a “blogs I follow list”. Always gotta take these with a grain of salt because I know there are various reasons that I follow a blog via GFC on blogger (including because sometimes giveaways require it) but I’m excited to check out what she follows. Let’s go …

Crochet Blogs

  • A Morning Cup of Jo. Jo designs and shares her amigurumi on this blog. Very cute work.
  • Claire Gets Crafty. A crochet-rich craft blog that lately has lots of great granny squares.
  • Comfort Creatures. Susan shares her amigurumi work on this blog with lovely photo-rich posts.
  • Make a Mess. Crystal Allen shares her amigurumi projects, inspiration and thoughts.
  • Master of a Thousand Things. Hey, it’s one of the Tier 1 blogs I already follow. icon smile Hooked Together! Exploring Crochet Blogrolls @SuperTinks shares free patterns and participates in lots of projects including A Year of Projects.
  • Rip It Good. Hey, another of my Tier 1 blogs! Awesome. @ripitgood was also a participant in my Hookin’ Up project.
  • Ritalicious Yarning. A very personable blog with lots of life insights and lots of posts about the author’s crochet adventures.
  • The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Blog associated with an Amigurumi store of the same name. Includes free patterns.

Multicraftual Blogs that Include Crochet

  • Tami’s Amis. Here’s another of my Tier One blogs, the blog associated with Candy Skein yarn store as well as the blog that hosts the WIPW and FO Friday blog parties each week.
  • Writing, Yarn, Pucks and Diapers. Contessa is a Southern California mom who writes, draws, makes jewelry, crochets and knits and shares it all on this blog. She is participating in Year of Projects.
  • Autumn Geisha. This beautiful crafty blog features a lot of knitting but recent posts indicate that the author has started re-learning crochet so it’ll be interesting to see how that develops.
  • Being Careful Not to Twist. Nurse and SAHM writes primarily about knitting but does know how to crochet and occasionally posts a small project.
  • CraftyClare. SAHM does all sorts of crafts but especially loves sewing, knitting and crochet. She’s doing a Year of Projects and participates in the WIPW and FO Fridays hosted by Tami’s Amis so the blog shows lots of her projects.
  • Fowl Single File. Megan launched this craft blog in 2009 and has shared tons of cute crafty projects. She has about a dozen crochet posts thus far and they’re all super cute.
  • Genki and Chips. An Australian who has lived in both the UK and Japan writes about her love of both knitting and crochet. She’s participating in A Year of Projects so we get to see her progress on the blog.
  • Glitter, Vinyl and Thread. This blog seems to cover nearly every craft under the sun including some crochet.
  • Sugar Cane. A young blog with only a few posts, one of which is a crochet post. We’ll see where it goes!
  • It Might be a Metaphor. This blog is all about various efforts at creativity including a little bit of crochet (mostly lacy) and a lot of lovely yarn.
  • Lily Cottage Creations. Helen writes mostly about knitting and sewing but is new to crochet and is now blogging about it too! Yay!
  • My Owl Barn. This unique blog is all about owl things. There are plenty of crochet owl items featured although crochet isn’t the purpose of the blog.
  • Prairie Hen. A young mom writes about her love of homemade things including the occasional post about crochet.
  • Rhinestic’s Knick Knacks. A crafty blog that shows off the author’s completed sewing, knit and crochet projects.
  • Niftyknits. Blogger who creates handmade meerkats. How fun. Most are knit but some are crochet.
  • Stitched Together. Lots of yarny posts including both crochet and knitting. Crochet seems to be on the back burner lately though.
  • String and Strings. A musical mom posts about a yarn-y things including some crochet. She participates in the FO Fridays hosted by Tamis Amis.
  • Tete en l’Air. A lovely project craft blog, heavy on sewing but featuring some crochet.
  • Visions of Sugarplums. This is a knit-heavy crafting blog but I wanted to include it with the some-crochet blogs because there’s a Friday weekly linky party called Fibers on Friday that is open to crochet links.
  • WitchyKnits4Ewe. A knit-heavy blog but this blogger does do some crochet, recently completed her first full crochet blanket and has also recently done some hairpin lace.
  • Zbox. A blog about the folks who sell their arts, crafts and creations on Zibbet (including crocheters).

Non-Crochet Blogs

Out of Date Blogs

  • Jilly’s Stuff. This looks to be a blog designed to go with a craft store that includes crochet but there were very few posts and it hasn’t been updated since January.
  • RWestDesigns. A jewelry blog last updated in late 2010.

Blogs Already Mentioned on A Previous Hooked Together Post

What Did I Find? I am excited because I came across several crochet blogs here that I didn’t know about yet and want to follow for sure. There were three blogs in the blog list that I already followed and three that had already learned about last week from my review of the blogroll on A Stash Addict’s Ramblings. I’ve added more than a dozen new blogs to my set of Tier 2 blogs to follow. Great selection here.

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