Hooked Together! Crochet Blogroll Explorations Week 1

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hookedtogether 500x84 Hooked Together! Crochet Blogroll Explorations Week 1

Welcome to the new Friday morning feature on Crochet Concupiscence, Hooked Together, where I spread the crochet love by exploring and reporting back on the blogroll links of all of my favorite crochet/crafty/yarn blogs. This is something you can participate in or support if you so desire (or just enjoy the links – that’s fine, too). Get more info here.

So, let’s get started!!

The first blog up (going alphabetically down the list of blogs that I follow) is A Stash Addict’s Ramblings. This blog is by Danielle who is AStashAddict on Ravelry where we learn that she resumed her love of knitting about a year ago and also recently started to crochet. This is one of the “domestic craft” blogs that I follow where Danielle talks not only about crochet but also about knitting, felting, sewing, gardening, photography and motherhood. The crochet info is usually weaved in with info in other posts so this is a good blog for multi-craftual people as opposed to people seeking just crochet info. It’s photo-rich, which I think is great.

Danielle participates in the WIPW and FO posts hosted by Tami’s Ami’s each week and I love these posts where we get to see what Danielle is working on and what she’s finished. In exciting news Danielle recently opened an Etsy store called Jane & Michael where she sells, among other things, hand dyed yarns that I’m adoring. This store also has its own blog and can be followed on Twitter @jandmvintage, on Ravelry under JaneandMichael and on Facebook as Jane & Michael.

Okay, so that’s the info on the blog that I follow. Now here’s a look at the blogs in A Stash Addict’s Ramblings blogroll. This is a blogspot blog so there is a blog list in the sidebar as well as the “blogs I follow” list in the blogger’s profile. I’m listing the crochet-only blogs first and then following with multi-craftual blogs that include crochet and finally “off-topic” non-crochet blogs.

Crochet Blogs

  • Gingerbread Girl. Carole is a UK “mum” who started this blog in 2007. She writes primarily about crochet, does regular WIPW posts and is participating in Year of Projects. I’m excited to find this blog that I didn’t know until know. This right here is the whole point of Hooked Together!
  • Easy Makes Me Happy. Tara, of the Etsy store Mamachee, shares lots of different crochet stuff here including some tutorials and free crochet patterns. Awesome, I didn’t know this one either.

Multicraftual Blogs that Include Crochet

  • Feathered Nest. Abby shares projects for the home, sometimes with instructions, always with great photos. Crochet projects featured include kids’ crochet hats and baby blankies.
  • Tami’s Amis and Other Creations. I love this blog that features crochet, knitting and spinning. You may have seen my post about it before because it’s the blog associated with Candy Skein yarn, which I love.
  • Knitabulous and Her Yarns. Knit-heavy blog with some great occasional crochet posts and lots of lovely yarn posts.
  • Creating My Way to Success. Posts about many aspects of creativity. Features of other crafters sometimes highlight their crochet work.
  • Natural Suburbia. This knitter also crochets and shares patterns like a Father’s Day beanie. Posts about many different crafts.
  • Figknits. Yarn lover. Posts are heavy on knitting but include occasional crochet plus yarn giveaways that any crocheter can appreciate!
  • Harvest Moon By Hand. Ann is a writer who blogs about natural living, cooking, homeschooling, and crafts including a little bit of crochet.
  • Poshyarns. Knitter who writes about home and crafting. Note that there are no recent crochet posts but there are a few crochet project posts in the archives.
  • Fun and Games with the Thompson Boys. Becky is a SAHM who writes about sewing, knitting and crochet. She is participating in year of projects and several of the projects on her list are crochet.
  • Crafts from the Cwtch. A Welsh mum writes equally about knitting and crochet as well as a bit about some other topics.
  • Mad Quilter. I was surprised to find that this blog about quilting (and raising 7 kids!) has a decent number of crochet posts, several of which are about felting.
  • I Knit Therefore I Am. Knit-heavy blog by a SAH UK mum with a few crochet posts as well as posts on some other crafts.
  • Owl in the Dark. I adore the beauty of the photos and poetry on this craft/ creativity/ vintage blog. Only a few crochet posts, though, mostly in the archives. This blog seems to be related to another blog on the list – Tiny Owl Knits – with some crossposting between them.
  • Old Yarns. This is a brand new blog about historical needlework. It only has a few posts so I can’t really tell yet if it’s going to have crochet but I’m guessing it might.
  • Roadside Knits and Crochets and Sews and More. Crafty blog with vintage leanings that occasionally includes posts on crochet work.
  • My Fibre Craft Journey. Spinning, dyeing, felting, knitting, crocheting … Paula does it all.
  • Another: The Eighth Day. A knit-rich blog where some crochet projects are shared as well.
  • Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard. Documenting the life and creativity of Etsy store owner. Occasional references to crochet in treasuries and interviews with others.

Non-crochet Blogs

Out of Date Blogs

Some of the blogs in A Stash Addict’s blogroll hadn’t been updated in 2 months or more:
  • Dreams for Plans – completely discontinued, no link
  • My Byrd House – no crochet here anyway
  • Monsters and Lollipop – again, not a crochet blog anyway
  • Hooked! – This is a crochet blog but it only ever had two posts and hasn’t been updated since March
  • Meggiecat – A handful of archived posts from a few years back featured crochet

I think this is an interesting start to my Hooked Together project. Because Stash Addict’s Ramblings is itself not a crochet-only blog the links reflect a diverse array of interests without a heavy emphasis on crochet. I think it’ll be interesting to see which blogs follow lots of interests like this and which ones focus on sharing love to other crochet-focused blogs.

What did I find? I only already followed two of the blogs in this blogger’s blogroll (Tami’s Amis and My Fibre Craft Journey). I added fifteen more to my set of Tier 2 lists, which are the blogs followed by the blogs I follow that I want to follow. The rest aren’t crochet-rich enough for me to follow myself but there are definitely some neat finds.

This is fun! Enjoy the links. Want to join or support this project? Get details here.

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  2. [...] I enjoy buying yarn online from sellers in various places and Etsy is naturally one of the places that I look for yarn. One of the Etsy stores that I recently got yarn from was Jane & Michael. You can find the store here; that link will take you to their Etsy, Ravelry, Twitter, Facebook and Blog links. Update/ Note: The store can now be found under the name A Stash Addict. Additionally, Danielle of Jane and Michael has a blog called A Stash Addict’s Ramblings, which I’ve featured previously as part of my Hooked Together project. [...]

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