Hooked Together! A Blogroll Journey

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hookedtogether 500x844 Hooked Together! A Blogroll Journey

This is the next installment in Hooked Together, a project where I explore the links on the blogrolls of the crochet blogs I follow. So far I’ve explored the blogrolls of A Stash Addict’s RamblingsA Surprise Every Time and Abby’s Yarns.

This week I’ll be exploring the blogrolls of three different blogs.

Blogroll Exploration #1: Aberrant Crochet

First I’m looking at the blogroll for Aberrant Crochet by Julia Chambers. She is @AberrantCrochet on Twitter, BikerMom on Ravelry and has an Etsy store named PixieWorx. On the blog she shares her crochet work as well a lot of helpful tips and thoughts about crochet.

Julia’s crochet blogroll is short and it’s filled with blogs I mostly already know, which is why I can explore more than one blogroll this week. And guess what, I saw when I got to her blog that she links to me. Awesome. Thanks Julia! Here’s what else she links to:

Crochet Blogs

  • Crochet Liberation Front. This is one of my favorite Tier One Blogs, the blog associated with the Flamie Awards among lots of other crochet goodness.
  • Doris Chan: Everyday Crochet. Crochet designer Doris Chan shares her work and experience in the crochet world. One of my Tier One blogs.

Multi-craftual Blogs that Include Crochet

Non-crochet Blogs

What did I find? Nothing here was out of date. No links were ones I’d already found from exploring other blogrolls in this project. I liked all of the choices and I added one new one to my set of Tier 2 blogs.

Blogroll Exploration #2: Abinocoe

Next I’ll take a look at the blogroll on Abigail Coe’s blog, Abinocoe. Abi (@abinocoe on Twitter) creates really great highly-textural, almost sculptural pieces of wearable crochet art, which she sells in her Etsy store and shares on her blog. I love her creative crochet and have previously interviewed her here on my blog. And when I popped over to check out her blogroll I saw that she’s got me there – thanks Abi! Between her blogroll and her blogspot “blogs I follow” she also has:

Crochet Blogs

  • Wunderkammer. Really creative, smart crochet. Doesn’t update often but makes up for it by sharing free crochet patterns. I didn’t know about this blog before and was excited to find out that the blogger is based here in San Francisco!

Multicraftual Blogs Featuring Crochet

  • Elin@. Creative blog featuring lots of different ideas and work including a little bit of crochet.

Non-Crochet Blogs

Blogs Already Listed Elsewhere in Hooked Together

  • Tami’s Amis. One of my Tier One blogs, which is also on the blogroll of A Surprise Every Time.
  • The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Crochet/ amigurumi blog that I also found through the blogroll of A Surprise Every Time.

What did I find? I was thrilled to find a new San Francisco based blog and added the as well as Elin@ to my Tier 2 blogs list. I love that Abi reads such smart blogs. Doesn’t surprise me at all! And there were no out-of-date blogs on her lists.

Blogroll Exploration #3: About.com Crochet

And finally I’ll explore the blogroll of About.com Crochet, which is written by Amy Solovay (@AboutCrochet on Twitter). The blog links to lots of crochet patterns and sometimes has tips and tutorials. The blog doesn’t have a traditional sidebar blogroll but there’s a page of blog links nicely divided into various categories including amigurumi, crochet designer’s blogs, general crochet blogs and more. And my blog is there under general crochet. Thanks Amy!

Crochet Blogs

Multi-craftual Blogs That Include Crochet

Non-crochet Blogs

Out of Date Blogs

  • Green Pixey. This blog just closed down in June.
  • ErinLindsey’s Pile of Yarn. Inactive since 2010.
  • Barbara Crochet Studio. Inactive since 2010.
  • Hooray for Crochet. Inactive since 2009.
  • Streisaat Crafts. Inactive since April.
  • Everyday Crochet. Doris Chan’s original blog. Link to the current blog above (in Aberrant Crochet’s list)
  • Femme Fibers. Only one 2011 post and that was in March.
  • Yarn Artist. Fiber knitting blog inactive since January.
  • Thread Artists on Etsy. No current link.
  • Clover Blog. Clover Hooks blog last updated in January.
  • Jenny Dowde’s Blog. Inactive since 2009.
  • A Scrumble A Week. Inactive since January.
  • Myra Wood: Ina Freeform Style. Inactive since January.
  • Painted Tapestry Crochet. Inactive since 2010.

Blogs Already Linked To in a Previous Hooked Together Post

What did I find? A large percentage of these were my Tier One blogs that I already follow. This makes sense since there are a lot of crochet-only and crochet-heavy blogs on the list. I did find some new ones to follow, though, adding about one dozen new feeds to my feed reader. In particular, the amigurumi ones and some of the yarn blogs were new to me.

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