Designer Crochet and Celebrity Crochet – mid August Update

A couple of times per month I do a roundup of the celebrities that have been spotted in crochet and the designers that have put crochet into recent collections. Here’s the mid-August roundup.

Amanda Holden from Shrek the Musical in a cute crochet top

Kate Garraway wears a full-length crochet dress to take her kids to the Smurfs premiere

Daisy Lowe sports a crochet collar for her great dress

Oscar de la Renta

Cirque du Soleil's The Old Birds' costumes include crochet work done by four women in Montreal

Looks like there may be some crochet details on Rachel Zoe's dress

Rihanna in crochet pants. Are they Missoni?

Sarah Jessica Parker on a stroll, next picture shows crochet bag


SJP's crochet bag detail


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