80-Year-Old Sisters Crochet 500+ Scarves for Troops Overseas

DSC03403 500x375 80 Year Old Sisters Crochet 500+ Scarves for Troops Overseas


KVUE recently had a lovely article about two Austin, Texas women in their eighties who have spent hundreds of hours of their time crocheting scarves to send to troops overseas. They craft the scarves and then send them to Operation Gratitude, a charity that forwards them on to members of the armed services who are located in cold areas.

The goal that Operation Gratitude has set is to send 60,000 scarves to overseas troops. Mary Lou Ellison, age 83, and her sister, Pauline Swanberg, age 81, have done more than their fair share by creating more than 500 scarves since last November to ship to the project.

The elderly sisters started doing this crochet for charity work at the suggestion of Pauline’s daughter. It’s always great when the different generations can get involved and indeed Pauline’s daughter has helped make some scarves for the charities as well. They work 3-4 hours per scarf and Mary Lou sometimes stays up past midnight doing this crochet work.

The one big problem that they have is trying to get enough yarn to do this crochet work on their fixed incomes.

What is your favorite charity to crochet for?

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