103-Year-Old Woman Crochets Daily

by Kathryn on August 9, 2011 · 8 comments

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DSC03648 500x375 103 Year Old Woman Crochets Daily

I am just so drawn to the stories I hear of these really old women who crochet like crazy really late into life. Oella Norman one takes the cake, I think. The Journal Gazette reports that this women is one hundred and three years old and spends 6-8 hours per day crocheting – when she’s not on her treadmill!!

People donate yarn to Norman to help her stay busy. She sells crocheted towels and pot holders to help offset the cost of the yarn that she does buy herself. Thanks to the help of a friend who did the work, the items she sells are now cutely labeled:

“Hello. My name is Oella. I am 103 years young. Please enjoy my hand-crocheted towels!”

One of the main things she makes are towels with her own crochet edging added to them. She gets inexpensive towels, cuts them into small towels and then adds the crochet work to make them unique. Good for her!

So, how long has she been doing this? Well she started crocheting when she was 16 and pregnant with her first child so you do the math!!

Other awesome old ladies who crochet:

Who is the oldest crocheter you know?
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