Year of Projects Plan

Sundays are the day I’ve set aside to post about my progress on Year of Projects, through which I plan to complete 25 bags (included purses and wine bottle gift bags). I don’t have a finished object, yet, because I’m still working on some other things that have most of my attention. These bags will be little things that I complete between bigger projects but I have to wind up some other things first.

What I did do was get a book out of the library with different granny square designs (can’t recall the name right now but will update you about it later) so that I can choose some good designs for the granny-style bags. And I’ve mentally decided that I’m starting with a few wine bottle cozies first because I’m always taking wine to someone’s dinner party or birthday or holidays so it’ll be good to have a few of those ready to go.

That’s where I’m at this week!

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  1. Sarah - Crafts From The Cwtch

    Wine bottle cosies are a great idea! I have a few people who’d appreciate those too!

  2. Wine bottle cozies, sound like a great idea. I need to make some, what pattern are you using?

    • @sandycrochet – I have a few different patterns that I added to my “year of projects” list of 25 bags. I’ll be adding photos and pattern information as I work them up, too.

  3. Ooo I’d appreciate a wine bottle cosy. A wine bottle cosy with a lovely bottle of wine inside. Yes please. Good luck with your projects for this week.x

    • Thanks @BlueberryTea – I always love giving this as a gift since it’s fairly easy and yet always enjoyed.

  4. Sounds like a very thoughtful hostess gift – a wine bottle cozy. I’m looking forward to seeing the patterns you pick!

  5. I seem to be stuck in planning mode this week, I have once again grown my list and have been planning a blanket! Can’t wait to see some of your wine cosies.

  6. Wine cozies is such a great idea — can’t wait to see your FOs including your granny square bags. Happy crocheting!

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