Yarn Sellers: Loophole by Six Skeins

A couple of weeks ago I did my first in a new regular series here on the blog in which I review yarn sellers. (That first one was a review of Candy Skein). It’s time for the second of these reviews: Loophole by Six Skeins Under!

About Loophole by Six Skeins

I know about this indie yarn seller from the seller’s blog: Six Skeins Under. The blogger, Steph, does both crochet and knitting, which are also sold in the Loophole Etsy store. She also sells hand dyed yarns which is obviously what’s of interest here. You can find them in the Etsy store by clicking on the “Perran Yarns and Packs” category. She is inspired by the colors in nature and you can see that fact in her products, including her hand-dyed yarn.

About the Yarn

At the current time there are basically two types of yarn sold in the Etsy store. What I ordered was the Perran Yarns. I got two different colors / weights:

DSC03412 500x375 Yarn Sellers: Loophole by Six Skeins

The first one I got is Aran weight British Bluefaced Leicester yarn in the color Mediterranean Mood. The photo above is the one I took but it doesn’t really do justice to the colorway, which really looks a lot more like how it appears in the Etsy store photo:

il 570xN.239823952 500x374 Yarn Sellers: Loophole by Six Skeins

As you can see it ha some varying shades of blue ranging from bluish green to a true blue. It’s a really pretty yarn and a fair price at $16 for nearly 200 yards.

The other one that I got was:

DSC034111 500x375 Yarn Sellers: Loophole by Six Skeins

This one is a laceweight merino in the color coral reef and I think my photo above does the color justice. It’s a great orange-red color and I’ve got six hundred yards of it so it’s going to be fun to play with that.

What I didn’t get, but am definitely interested in, are the “creative yarn variety packs” that Loophole sells. The seller puts these together uses various scraps of yarn that go together, creating wild art yarn that is sold in these 30 metre packs, which sell for $5.

Take a look at a few:

il 570xN.193545103 500x405 Yarn Sellers: Loophole by Six Skeins

il 570xN.193544929 500x613 Yarn Sellers: Loophole by Six Skeins

il 570xN.193544759 500x400 Yarn Sellers: Loophole by Six Skeins

I am currently really holding off on buying yarn because I’m on a tight budget for a little while but getting some of these creative yarn packs is definitely on my list for the near future.

My Six Skeins Experience

I happened to be lucky because I was reading the Six Skeins Under blog when Steph announced that she was having a special sale for her 200th Etsy store buyer. I was able to do a buy one get one half off deal with free shipping which obviously made me happy. But I think deals like this also say something really good about the seller. It means:

a) that they care about making their customers happy

b) they believe in their product, having some faith that a deal buyer will like the stuff and come back for more at full price (I will in this case)

I actually didn’t realize until after the fact that the seller is in Europe and still allowed me the free shipping on that deal even though I am in the U.S. I ordered the yarn right before I went on vacation so I assumed I wouldn’t get it until I got back but she must have gotten it into the mail right away because it came the day before I left. It got here super quick via Air Mail!

It came with appropriate packaging which you may have noticed in the review is a big deal for me. To me, appropriate packaging means that the item comes wrapped well enough to get safely through the mail and yet isn’t so heavily over-packaged that there’s a big anti-earth waste of materials in the packaging. The yarn meets these personal standards of mine, arriving safe and sound in a good Air Mail envelope.

I was happy that the colorways matched what I was expecting since you just never know when you order something online due to not only the difficulties of accurately photographing yarn colors but also the fact that different computer monitors relay color differently. The colors are very pretty and are well-represented by the online store.

As a bonus, my little Air Mail package came with a handwritten note on a postcard thanking me for my purchase. I just greatly appreciate this added little touch. It’s one of the reasons I so enjoy buying from independent sellers rather than buying from big stores!

Other Notes

Loophole is based in Europe so consider that when ordering your yarn because of course it may take a little longer to get to you than it would from a local seller. Mine actually arrived really fast but it would be understandable if it hadn’t for this reason.

Also remember that this is a small Etsy store with hand-dyed yarns so you’re not going to see huge lots of yarn that you can buy in one bunch. But if you’re looking for some really creative yarn in small batches then it’s a good place to go!

You can find this store via Etsy and the store’s blog, both linked to above, and you can also look for SixSkeins on Ravelry and Twitter.

Conclusion: I recommend Loophole by Six Skeins Under!

Do you want your yarn store reviewed on this site? Contact me and maybe we can work something out!

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