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Looking back across the past week, here are some of the most stand-out blog posts from my favorite crochet blogs:

  • Art, Like Bread did a post about Mirtooli, an artist who makes beautiful sculptural wearable crochet pieces that I will definitely be doing more research into myself.
  • Craft Gossip shared some ideas for dollar store items that you can dress up with your own crochet work. Lovely creative ideas here! This blog also had a post letting us know about the Pink Slipper Project, yet another good crochet-for-a-cause opportunity.
  • Fresh Stitches shared her idea of creating a quilt-style blanket using the yarn from her previous projects. Great memory keepsake!
  • Aberrant Crochet did a helpful post about the difference between American and European crochet terms, noting the important fact that sometimes vintage crochet patterns use the European terms.
  • Crochet Spot did a nice basic intro into reading the symbols used in crochet patterns.
  • Mom with a Hook shared a great option for color changing called The Russian Joint. It comes from knitting but works for crochet.
  • Debi Y. shared a great pattern idea for a flower height marker (so much better than just those annual marks on the wall as the kids grow up!)
  • Streetcolor had an interesting post about the ups and downs of being a yarnbomber. She’s a knitter but of course the yarnbombing movement is really more about art than needlework technique and the post felt valuable to me. She is also quoted in a news article about yarnbombing that talks about where the movement is going these days.
  • Fave Crafts Blog did a roundup of the top 5 most popular crochet afghan patterns last month. Love the Tulip Square they show!
  • Crazy Crochet Blog had an interesting post highlighting some of the differences between knooking and Tunisian crochet.
  • Marie at Underground Crafter was interviewed by S2 Designs blog about her experiences as a women entrepreneur. Great interview for all crafty businesswomen to check out.
  • Slate did a great article about why Ravelry is better than Facebook (via @Craft)

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  1. Thanks for the link love hon! Gave me a smile today. :)

  2. Thank you so much for changing the RSS feed! So sweet to read it all right there – and click through for commenting… :)

    And I can’t wait to go through all the links!!

  3. Thank you for the crochet link love, Kathryn! This is a great list. I’m honored to be a part. :)

  4. Thanks for all the work you do finding all these great crochet links, Kathryn!

  5. yay! thanks for the lovely links! The intro picture is amazing … I, too am crocheting little rings for a necklace but in the pinks and purples and such colors.

  6. Thanks for the link-up Kathryn. :)

  7. thanks for the round up as always! off to go read!

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