How Do You Feel About Putting Knots In Your Crochet?

Eco yarn knot How Do You Feel About Putting Knots In Your Crochet?

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So here’s a curious question for all of you crochet-ers out there. How do you feel about the thought of tying knots into your work?

The two most common times to do this would be:

  1. When changing colors. Instead of doing the proper method of yarning over with the second color and working it into the piece, you instead knot the two colors together, cut off the yarn close to the knot and work the knot into the design.
  2. When finishing. Instead of just weaving in the ends you would tie a knot in the end of the project to make sure that it is unlikely to come apart. You may do this in addition to weaving in ends or in place of it.
I will admit that I have no qualms about putting knots in my work. In fact, I prefer it to the other more traditional, more correct methods. I wouldn’t necessarily do it if I was creating an item for someone who also has good technical crochet skills. And I wouldn’t be likely to submit a piece with knots in it to a book publisher. But in general I prefer to use knots in the work I make myself (always), the stuff I make friends (almost always) and the stuff I sell (sometimes). Obviously I hide them within the work itself but I’m not embarrassed about using the method.
I think this is an interesting question because it’s a little controversial. I’ve found people who fall on both sides of the debate. Rachel over at Crochet Spot once mentioned that she doesn’t have a problem putting knots in her work. Mary Beth Temple, on the other hand, notes in her book Hooked for Life How Do You Feel About Putting Knots In Your Crochet?that she hates the idea of putting knots in her work and won’t even consider making a magic ball of yarn for that reason.
So I ask you – how do you feel about purposely putting knots in your crochet work?
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