Bionic Yarn Made from Plastic Bottles

MalibuMara shows this yarn in a post about Bionic Yarn. I think it really is Bionic Yarn but I haven’t confirmed.


There are a lot of different ways for crochet lovers to go green. One of the ways is to choose to get sustainable yarn including recycled yarn. If that’s something that interests you then your interest may be piqued by a product called Bionic Yarn. It is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Their website explains the process for making this yarn (which can also be a fabric, not just a yarn), which is basically:

  • A used plastic bottle is gathered from a recycling bin and “chopped into flakes”.
  • These flakes are melted.
  • The melted material is turned into two-inch fibers.
  • These fibers are spun together with high tenacity polyester to create “core yarn”.
  • The core yarn is then “helixed” with other fibers (nylon, Lycra, cotton) and this is what makes Bionic Yarn.
The helixing process apparently makes the yarn very durable. It also reportedly has a really luxurious smooth feel, which definitely sounds appealing. I’m not sure about the details of the polyester and the “other fibers” – meaning I don’t know how eco-friendly those components are in this “green” product but I think it’d be worth checking into.

From what I can tell Bionic Yarn isn’t available on the market yet as a yarn (it’s worked with other fabrics and incorporated into items that are sold on the market, though, like backpacks), but it’s certainly an intriguing option, isn’t it? Would you try to crochet with it? I wonder what it’s like – how it compares with other types of yarn and what types of projects it would be good for. Something to explore someday!

As an aside, this product reminds me of some of the many futuristic products on the Inventables website where there are other yarns, strings, fibers and fabrics I’d like to try someday. For example, they have conductive thread (electricity!), glow-in-the-dark thread andshimmering fibers“.

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  1. how cool is this? I was wondering when we’d see something like this. I have seen really cool bags made with recycled soda bottles (fabric bags) so why not yarn?

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