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For the past few weeks I’ve been using Fridays to feature items from Amazon that I am salivating over as a crochet lover. This week I’m going to switch to another store I’m an affiliate for and share some drool-worthy items that they offer. The store is Purely Alpaca. So yes, I’m part of their affiliate program and that means that if you click through to them from this page and buy something I’ll get a little bit of the money at no added cost to you. But I wouldn’t bother putting it on the blog (or being their affiliate for that matter) if they didn’t have stuff I genuinely wanted to share with others.

So what does Purely Alpaca have that I’m personally drooling over?


My favorite thing on the site is the alpaca yarn. I love alpaca yarn and this site has many different types including:

Natural Kettle Dyed Yarn. This yarn is dyed with natural dyes such as indigo, spinach and the currently-super-popular cochineal.

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- Paca de Seda Yarn. This yarn is 80% alpaca and 20% silk so it’s super soft. It comes in both solid colors and multi colors and I adore the color combos of the multi color balls.

 Affiliate Love for Purely Alpaca

- Snuggle Bulky Yarn. I haven’t tried this yarn but I really want to. It’s mostly alpaca but also has wool and acrylic. I bet it’s super soft and I love the colors.

 Affiliate Love for Purely Alpaca

- PacaPed Hand Dyed Alpaca Sock Yarn. This only has a little bit of the alpaca in it and the rest is superwash wool and nylon. The result is a durable sock yarn. It’s designed for knitters but I actually really love a great sock yarn!

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This seller also has a few fiber books. The one that interests me is Spinning Llama and Alpaca. I don’t actually spin but I like to read about it! It’s one of those “someday” projects on my list.

 Affiliate Love for Purely Alpaca


They are not crochet specific but I love all of the Alpaca Art on this site. I want to get something and put it in a great frame and hang it in my craft studio … um, when I get a craft studio!! An example of a print I like is this Brown Suri print by Dee VachonMiller:

 Affiliate Love for Purely Alpaca


And I confess I’m also a fan of the cheesy Alpaca Lover Parking Only Sign:

 Affiliate Love for Purely Alpaca

Has anyone shopped with Purely Alpaca? Thoughts?

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