Teenage Boys are Crocheting Like Crazy

108272.image1  Teenage Boys are Crocheting Like Crazy

Awhile back I wrote about the a surge of interest in bro-chet (boys crochet groups). I wondered at the time if the interest would stick or if it was going to be a quick-fading fad. Recent news reports indicate that teen boys are still interested in crocheting, especially if they can crochet for a good cause.

Children’s Home of Reading

Jason Brudereck recently wrote about a woman named Debra Nguyen who is teaching teen boys at the Children’s Home of Reading how to crochet for a cause. Children’s Home of Reading is for people with mental health and behavioral challenges. She taught eight of the boys there how to crochet although she was surprised to find that several of them had actually already been exposed to crocheting in the past. This makes perfect sense to me because I think that crochet has terrific mental health benefits but it’s still a little surprising to hear (surprising in a good way)!

The class that Nguyen was teaching ended but the boys kept up with the crochet by forming a crochet club at the home. The boys work together on a weekly basis to crochet blankets that then go to the residents of ManorCare Health Services. This allows them to create something and give back to others at the same time – a great lesson for all teenage boys (and all of us, really) to learn for sure!

Tommie Kunst Junior High School’s Project Linus

Another article I read recently by Jennifer Best was about how one junior high school is participating in Project Linus, a popular crochet-for-a-cause option. The group working on the project includes students, staff and community members including Mario Soto, an eight grade boy who doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him choosing to spend his time crocheting because it benefits him while it benefits others.

Do you know of any other groups where teen guys are participating in crochet for a cause?

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