2 New Crochet Apps!

I have an update to add to my old article on 25 Crochet and Yarn Apps … that’s because both the Crochet Liberation Front and KRW Knitwear have announced that they’ve gone mobile. Awesome.

Crochet Liberation Front App

PromoImage 2 New Crochet Apps!

The awesome Crochet Liberation Front has released its first phone app.

I’ll be honest in saying that I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. That’s because it’s an Android app and all I’ve got for apps is an iPod so I’m going to have to wait until the iPhone version is released (it’s reportedly on the way). What I can see about it from the download page for the app:

  • It appears to be basically the main site for the CLF but it’s been optimized for mobile phones so that it’s easier to read and navigate when you’re accessing it from a mobile device.
  • It includes alerts to let you know when new posts are up.
  • There’s a tag cloud so you can easily see what the CLF is writing about most lately.

Looking forward to checking it out more!

KRW Knitwear App

SiteImage 168x300 1 2 New Crochet Apps!

The KRW Knitwear app is also Android-only so far (with iPhone on the way) so same deal goes there in terms of me checking it out but here’s what the web says:

  • This is another situation where the site is mostly the same as the one that you see on the web but it’s been optimized for cell phones.
  • Get alerts when something new is posted to the site.
  • You can post comments directly to the blog through the app.
  • Use the app to send photos and news in that may then be posted on the site.


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