Crocheting with Gum?!

24ef85f7a7ce4b80ab2636429748b6d2 500x375 Crocheting with Gum?!

Photo Credit Ani Hovhannisyan via Berlin Patch

It is basically possible to crochet with anything that can be shaped into something akin to thread or yarn or rope. Crocheting with alternative materials, like plarn and t-shirt yarn, is practically de rigeur these days. And I’ve started seeing quite a few posts by people who are recycling VHS tape and cassette tape ribbon for crochet creations. Personally I’m interested in the possibilities of crocheting with conductive thread. So I wouldn’t say that a lot shocks me in terms of the materials that can be used for crochet. But chewing gum? Really? Berlin resident Helen Avagyan says yes.

According to a report by the Berlin Patch, Avagyan chews up the gum, rolls it up into thin lines, dips them into cold water to freeze them and then effectively makes yarn out of them. She then uses her gum yarn to crochet. Once the items are crocheted, she paints them with nail polish to enhance the color. She calls what she makes gum sculptures but thinks they’d also be nice as Christmas ornaments.

This seems crazy. In fact, I’m almost tempted to think that it’s some kind of Internet hoax except for the fact that I know as a crocheter I tend to look at nearly everything and think, “I wonder if I could make something out of that”. Gotta give her some serious credit for innovation as well as frugal living!

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