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Gotta give some props to my fellow bloggers for their awesome crochet blog posts this week:

  • FutureGirlCraft for a great set of survey results. I fall into the bulk of her readers – a 30-something female crochet lover who has been reading her blog for less than a year. In addition to the survey she included the comments people left, which are absolutely fun to read. One thing I was surprised to find is that ten percent of the survey respondents spend no money at all on craft purchases! I’m on the opposite end of that spectrum!
  • Aberrant Crochet for beginning to add some technique how-to advice to her blog starting with a post on “creating soft structure that remains as comfortable to sensitive skin on the skein as it does all crocheted up.”
  • Ambassador Crochet for a great tutorial on changing colors in a crochet project using the stranding method. I loathe changing colors but love the finished results so it’s always good to get extra tips and how tos on doing it!
  • Ilana at Lion Brand Yarn for a great post about the life, work and inspiration of Jean Leinhauser. Last week I linked to lots of lovely posts that people had up about Jean after her passing but this one was put up this past Monday and is worth reading for a great bio of this crocheting woman.
  • Stacey Trock’s Fresh Stitching for a great tip on using locking stitch markers to avoid having your crochet work unravel before it’s finished. I’ve never had this problem – probably because I often do projects in one fell swoop without breaks and also because I don’t have cats, kids, etc. to mess with my yarn. But it’s a good thing to know about for times when taking yarn traveling, etc.
  • Crochet with Raymond has started spinning yarn and I’m greatly enjoying the eye candy of checking out the photo results!
  • Doris Chan for an interview at KnitPicks about the Pam’s Comfort Cables blanket story. Always an inspiring story about a gorgeous blanket (that I did buy the pattern for and will be starting in on one of these days soon.)
  • Marie at Underground Crafter for a terrific book review and interview of Ellen Gormley regarding her recently released book Go Crochet! Afghan Design Workshop (which I attended the virtual book launch party for a few weeks back and then followed on its blog tour, too).
  • Crochet Your Way for a really terrific book review of a thread crochet book that was originally published in Japanese and then translated into English. Looks interesting!
  • Robin at Fave Crafts Blog for a lovely post about “how I got started in crochet” that makes clear how easy it is to start this craft – and to fall in love with it!

Also Congrats to Teresa Richardson (@CrochetGeek) for a great interview posted on Forbes about her YouTube success. And congrats to Abinocoe for her first crochet commission.

ATTN: Crochet Bloggers. There are still some slots to sign up if you’re interested in spreading the word about your blog through my Hookin’ Up project!

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  2. Thanks so much for mentioning my stranding post.

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