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ATTN: Crochet Bloggers. There are still some slots to sign up if you’re interested in spreading the word about your blog through my Hookin’ Up project!

Have you been following my Friday posts all month long (here, here and here)? Each Friday I posted 25 crochet blogs that I read and now we’re up to the fourth Friday of June so when you add the 25 linked to here that gives you a full list of 100 crochet blogs to read. Have fun!

25 more crochet blogs:

  1. GoCrochet. Crochet designer Ellen Gormley shares her latest news and information and thoughts on crochet in this great blog. Find her on both Facebook and Twitter under GoCrochet.
  2. Hookin’ It with Mr. Lick Lick. Kat is a Georgia crocheter who provides regular updates about her crochet work (with photos, of course) on this fun blog.
  3. Hooks n Loops. This blog shares lots of stuff about being a crocheter on Etsy and doing amirugumi.
  4. iCrochet. Every week people come and add their links to a collection of photos of crochet work. What a great visual way to see what everyone is working on!
  5. Jimmy Beans Wool. This yarn store provides updates via their blog.
  6. JR Crochet Designs. Julee is a young crochet who shares her work in the craft on this blog.
  7. Just be Happy! Alessandra is a Northwest-based SAHM who crochets and shares tales of her life and crafting on this blog.
  8. KRW Knitwear. Crochet designer Karen Whooley shares her latest crochet information and ideas on this blog and under the same name on Twitter.
  9. Lindamade. Crochet designer Linda Permann (@Lindamade on Twitter) has a great crochet blog that I enjoy following to learn about her work and experiences as a crocheter.
  10. Maggie Weldon. Maggie is a crochet pattern designer who launched MaggiesCrochet more than 15 years ago. This blog shares insight into her and her work.
  11. Made in K Town. Barbara is a German crocheter who shares her unique work here with photos and descriptions.
  12. Martha Winger. Marti Majino (better known as Martha Winger) uses this blog to shares lots of great advice and ideas for crocheters. It’s one of my faves for sure. She’s on Ravelry, Facebook and Twitter under the same name.
  13. Monster Crochet. A Los Angeles yarn lover shares her creative crochet here.
  14. My Auntie’s Yarn Studio. Annette Stewart is a fiber loving designer and teacher who keeps her finger on the pulse of the crochet world and shares some of her insights on this blog.
  15. Mostly Nerdy Crochet. Tracey shares her progress on various cool crochet projects like giant squids and other nerdy wonderful things.
  16. My Crochet Site. A Colorado crocheter shares what she is making and why.
  17. My Crochet (and Knit) Therapy. Belinda is an Australian knitter and crocheter who shares beautiful photos and descriptions of her work and insight into her life. Great voice to this blog. She’s @QueenBelicious on Twitter but she has her Tweets private right now.
  18. My Fibre Craft Journey. Paula is a UK fibre lover who writes about crochet, knitting, felting, spinning and more.
  19. My Hooks and Needles. This is the blog of Margaret Hubert, a crochet author I’ve quoted on this site before. Unfortunately it’s not frequently updated but I still keep it in my feed reader. Margaret is MHDesigner on Twitter.
  20. MyIssaG’s Crochet. Melissa shares her sweet crochet work on this blog. You can also find her on Ravelry.
  21. Not Your Grandma’s Crochet. This crocheter has taken custom crochet orders for years and just now started a blog to begin showing off some of that work.
  22. One Crochet Day at a Time. This crocheting mom shares patterns and tales about crochet.
  23. Patty’s Patterns. Each post on this blog shows a photo of the finished project and brief materials details then a link to the pattern.
  24. Plus 3 Crochet. @CaseyPlus3 is a Canadian crocheter who makes really adorable items that she shares on this blog.
  25. Poetry in Yarn. Lindsey Stephens (leebah on Ravelry, poetryinyarn on Twitter) shares reviews and thoughts on crochet / crafting / life on this lovely blog.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I hope to finish said giant squid tomorrow! P.S. I heart it here at Crochet Concupiscence.

  2. Thank you so much for including my blog on your list!

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