Official Update on TOMS Crochet Shoes

Screen shot 2011 05 16 at 8.56.43 AM1 Official Update on TOMS Crochet Shoes

I did a post last month about a pair of crochet shoes that TOMS brand was supposed to be releasing in June. I got a lot of questions so I did some research via the TOMS websites and did an update about those crochet shoes here. However, that only led to more questions because what I saw on the site was pulled from the site shortly after. So I decided to go straight to the source and ask TOMS what is going on with those crochet shoes.

Straight from their customer service team … I found out that TOMS crochet shoes were indeed slated for a June release. The neon green version of the shoes was released early in a limited edition. By error someone accidentally put the other three colors on the site early which is why I saw the red, natural and black crochet shoes that I mentioned but other people weren’t seeing them because they were subsequently pulled.

The TOMS crochet shoes are still coming out in those three extra colors this season as part of the Women’s summer shoe collection, which has a June release. The limited edition neon green crochet shoes are now sold out and won’t be made available.

For the record I don’t have any affiliation with TOMS. In fact, I’m not even one of the people who will buy these shoes because they just aren’t my personal style (although I do think they are cute). I’ve just posted about them several times because so many people have had questions!

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Official Update on TOMS Crochet Shoes

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