No-Hooks Crochet Artist Orly Genger

One of the unique crochet techniques that people sometimes explore is finger crochet or crocheting without hooks. History suggests that the very first crochet work was done this way, with fingers, before the craft evolved to what it is today. Orly Genger is a woman who started out her crochet artwork this way, working with her fingers and crocheting yarn or thread into small works of art. Her work has grown in size and she now uses material like rope and reclaimed lobster net to crochet her pieces. I find the colorful results intriguing.

About crochet artist Orly Genger

Screen shot 2013 05 01 at 2.30.53 PM No Hooks Crochet Artist Orly Genger

Orly Genger is a New York born artist who got her bachelor’s degree from Brown University and then attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work has been featured in several museums including the Massachusetts Museum of Modern Art and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. She averages approximately one solo show annually and also participates in group exhibits at various galleries around the nation. She does some works on paper but it is her crochet and rope installation work that she has become most well known for. I am impressed by the scale of it and really love her choice of color along with the unique shapes she makes. What is really neat is that this same style of work has been scaled down to make jewelry in collaboration with jewelry artist Jaclyn Mayer.

Orly Genger Quote:

Asked during the panel discussion about art and meditation, Genger countered any transcendental state: “My work is so physically demanding, I think of it as the end result of performance art.” (source)

Examples of Orly Genger’s crochet art

Orly Genger  ig  oss 864 No Hooks Crochet Artist Orly Genger

Orly Genger  eefcakes 928 No Hooks Crochet Artist Orly Genger

Orly Genger joe 637 No Hooks Crochet Artist Orly Genger

orly genger plump1 No Hooks Crochet Artist Orly Genger

orly genger puzzlejuice2 No Hooks Crochet Artist Orly Genger

Finger Crochet Jewelry Collaboration

Genger has a cool collaboration with jewelry designer Jaclyn Mayer. “The line’s jaunty yet seriously chic allure reflects Genger’s willingness to play with sculpture’s associations and conventions, as well as Mayer’s signature undercutting of clichés in her own field, such as her entirely sterling silver ‘diamond solitaire’ ring and cameo set with a mirror.” (Dazed Digital article, see link below).

323493 No Hooks Crochet Artist Orly Genger

What are your thoughts on this crochet artist? Do you like her work more or less than that of the other crochet artists I’ve profiled so far on this site?

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