New Crochet Hooks Organizer Bag

Just wanted to share some photos of the new crochet hooks organizer bag that my friend Kelly sewed up for me. My sewing skills are mostly non-existent so I asked her if she could whip something up for me. I was really non-specific about what I wanted because I knew she’d come up with something awesome if left to her own devices and she came through:


It can be rolled up a few different ways. This is great because it fits easily into a number of different bags to easily carry it along with me whenever I leave the house with crochet.


Kelly chose a really fun set of fabrics that are cheeky and fun!


The fabrics on the inside are just as fun. Kelly has a keen sense of just how to combine different fabrics. She puts together patterns I would never think of and they look great together. I love it.


There are pockets of varying sizes including a great extra front pocket that is the perfect size for a small notepad so that I can easily take notes on design when crocheting on the go. Smaller pockets hold individual hooks and larger pockets hold sets of hooks as well as a set of needles for weaving in ends. So convenient!!


How do your organize your crochet hooks?


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  1. How awesome! I don’t take my crochet too much with me. When I have I never am able to get to it because so much else is going on.

    • @Kat – Makes sense. I never used to take mine with me much but I’ve started doing some crochet in coffee shops. Mostly I wanted something to go with me on some trips I’m taking.

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