My Crochet: Fisherman’s Wool Shrug

by Kathryn on May 11, 2011 · 13 comments

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On Wednesdays I try to feature photos of some of the work that I crocheted myself. After all that’s what makes each crocheter unique, right? Today I’d like to share one of the first shrugs that I crocheted. (Not the very first one, that’s featured here). It’s made from Lion’s Brand Fisherman’s Wool, a yarn I quite love. I don’t wear this shrug often because it’s slightly big on me but I thought it was a really nice addition to a dress I love that I wore to the Discarded 2 Divine event recently. I didn’t like the way it kept falling off me since it is slightly big so right before I left the house I added a vintage button at the collar.

4 up on 2011 04 28 at 17.34 2 500x375 My Crochet: Fishermans Wool Shrug

4 up on 2011 04 28 at 17.34 5 500x375 My Crochet: Fishermans Wool Shrug

pinit fg en rect gray 28 My Crochet: Fishermans Wool Shrug

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