Crocheted Gun Store – What Do You Think?

by Kathryn on May 3, 2011 · 4 comments

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Photo by SenorMysterioso via Neatorama


Monte A. Smith has created a fascinating art installation as part of his thesis project for his BFA degree. He recreated an entire gun store … in crochet! The gun store includes crochet ammo, crochet guns and crochet versions of just about everything else that you would see in a gun store.

There is obvious irony in using crochet to replicate weaponry. First of all, it blends the feminine and masculine – something that many forms of crochet art choose to do. It takes the traditionally female art of crochet and applies it to the traditionally male business of gun sales. This effect is enhanced by the fact that many of the guns are crocheted using feminine colors, likes pinks and purples.

And then of course there is the irony of creating a weapon that can’t be used at all. The softness of crochet is a harsh contrast to the hardness and violence associated with guns. At the same time, women do use guns to protect themselves and it seems that an underlying statement is being made here about how feminine softness might affect the ways in which these weapons are being used.

At least, that’s my interpretation of what this art installation is supposed to represent.

And here’s something fun … check out this short crochet video of a portion of the work being done (filmed by SenorMysterioso, via Monte A. Smith on Tumblr):

What do you think of this crochet art project?

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