Life Size Crochet Bear Celebrates “Power of Making”

The Crafts Council and the V&A in the UK have partnered together a new art exhibit called the Power of Making that has definitely caught my attention despite the fact that I’m not located in the UK.The message of the exhibit itself is powerful and it doesn’t hurt that one of the items in the show will be a life-sized crochet bear!

Power of Making

The exhibit is based on the idea that skilled creation is declining across creative industries and that celebrating innovative works will help counter this decline. It’s basically all about celebrating the act of “making”. It looks at older crafts as well as new technologies in craft with an emphasis on innovation and creativity.

Crochet Bear

Reports indicate that one of the items in the exhibit is going to be a life sized crochet bear. The bear is a work by crochetdermy artist Shauna Richardson, the maker of the huge crocheted lions that are part of the London Olympics. Richardson is an impressive artist who does detailed crochet work in large scale so she’s definitely someone whose work is worth highlighting in an exhibit such as this one.

Crochet in the Power of Making

This exhibit will feature 100 different items in order to showcase all of the different ways of “making” things. I think it’s great that crochet is being featured alongside more modern crafts such as BioImplant embroidery and 3D printing. A great mingling of the old and new and how both types of crafts can be innovative!


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