Crochet on Twitter: 10 More Tweeps

by Kathryn on April 22, 2011 · 1 comment

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twitter Crochet on Twitter: 10 More Tweeps

Every week I post links to people who crochet and are on Twitter. Some people have wondered if I repeat the same people over and over. Nope – the Tweeps I share each Friday have not been shared on this site before.

  1. @thecrochethook. Australian crochet-loving Tweep that posts links to lots of craft organizer products.
  2. @amiamour. Amigurumi stuff mostly.
  3. @ImprovDebi. Lots of terrific updates about her crochet.
  4. @PurpleJ3nn. Crocheter that posts a diverse array of different stuff on various topics.
  5. @MelissaGHollis. Links to work on Etsy.
  6. @amikeyami. Another good one for amigurumi.
  7. @HooksnLoops. Another Tweep who posts crochet Etsy links.
  8. @AnaPaulaRimonli. Another amigurumi Tweep with lots of links to Etsy.
  9. @CrochetBY51Bebe. Posts from a crochet thread artist.
  10. @PGHKnitandCrochet. Posts about PA crochet events.

I’m on Twitter @CrochetBlogger. You?

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