92 Year Old Woman Crochets 1 Blanket Per Week

The Daily Reporter out of Georgia had a story a few days ago about a crocheter named Evelyn Edge. The woman is 92 years old and although she only picked up her crochet hook about four years ago she’s become a hugely prolific crocheter. In addition to other crocheted items she has made more than 200 crocheted lap blankets, producing approximately one blanket per week!

Edge’s first crochet creations were items that she would make and sell at local festivals. Then she was asked by someone at a yard sale if she had any lapghans. She didn’t but it made her start thinking about making them and things just grew from there. She now donates these as gifts to various local causes.

The crochet work has benefits for her as well. First of all, she considers it a really great diversion from the boredom of just sitting around home. She’s not someone who enjoys television and she needs something to keep her mind occupied. Crochet is great for mental health! She says that it relaxes her. She also says that she feels like it helps with her arthritis, keeping her hands loose so that they don’t hurt. I wholeheartedly believe that crochet is a valuable physical and mental health tool for all people, particularly older adults. Yay for Evelyn Edge!

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