100-Year-Old Crocheter Honored for Donating 6000 Items to Charity


CVQUD00Z 225x300 100 Year Old Crocheter Honored for Donating 6000 Items to Charity

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Do you remember last month when I mentioned that Shirley Mortensen was being honored for volunteering over 50,000 hours of her time over the course of her life? That’s an awesome accomplishment and I mentioned it because part of what she donated was crochet baby items that were sold in a hospital gift shop to raise funds. However I think she’s been outdone by Dora Tompkins, a one hundred year old woman who will be receiving a volunteerism award tomorrow from The Assistance League of Sacramento.

In the past ten years Dora Tompson has crocheted and knitted more than six thousands pieces of clothing and other items. She has donated them to the Assistance League of Sacramento for their Senior Friendship Program, a program designed to encourage seniors in assisted living to craft for those in need. She makes items for babies as well as adults. The group wanted to honor her amazing donations with an award. It’s not the first award she’s received this year; she also received a framed certificate from the local Chamber of Commerce celebrating her 100th birthday.

Tompson started crafting for donation when she was 90. She knits in the morning and then switches to crochet in the afternoon. In the past ten years she has proven to be an amazingly prolific crocheter / knitter! 6000 items in ten years means that this woman is producing about fifty handmade items each month. That’s almost two finished pieces per day! Wow!

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