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This is the first dress that I have ever crocheted. I am not thrilled with it as a final product because it doesn’t fit quite right and ends up looking rather unflattering. However, I knew that this was likely to happen and absolutely thrilled with it as part of the process of learning how to crochet clothing.

Reasons I knew it would work out perfectly:

  • I used cheap yarn. It’s Red Heart and I love the color scheme but let’s face it, it’s stiff yarn that doesn’t drape well for a dress.
  • I used a design that didn’t require a lot of changes for shaping. The result is that the neckline isn’t very flattering on me, something I knew would be the case.
  • I used a pattern that didn’t make a lot of sense to me. It’s a vintage pattern and I can’t seem to re-locate it online right now. I liked the way their image looked but as soon as I started working on it I realized that there were pieces of it that didn’t make sense to me and needed to be reworked.

Knowing all of this, I am still really happy with the results of my first crochet dress. I learned how to do a skirt in a way that I like and I can see making something similar in a better, more flattering yarn. Yay!

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