A house on Crochet Avenue!

Last week I saw a really sad newspaper article about how flooding from rain affected families recently in River Ridge, Louisiana. That’s not a street I’d want to be living on right now, of course. But I did notice that the name of the street affected was Crochet Ave. and that got me wondering how many people are living on streets named Crochet in this country?

A quick Google Maps search revealed the following results:


  • Crochet Street in Morganza, Louisiana
  • Crochet Road in the towns of Calcasieu, Acadia, Jefferson Davis and Cameron
  • Crochet Street and Crochet Road in Iberville, Louisiana

The only crochet street that I was able to locate outside of the state of Louisiana was Crochet Road in Lancaster, South Carolina. I checked for avenues, boulevards, streets and roads but no such luck.

Do you know of any other crochet streets in the United States? Do you think there are any crocheters on these streets?


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  1. @CrochetBlogger I wonder if there is some historic reason like a cottage industry or group who settled there.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @Soxymamma I would love to know that as well! Time to research!

  2. TheDragonflyDutchess Reply

    Now I have a parody of “Sesame Street” running in my head, but with Crochet…someone needs to fund that production I would TOTALLY watch it! :-)

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @TheDragonflyDutchess I am now picturing a stop motion Sesame Street inspired crochet video. If I ever learn stop motion video or amigurumi skills then maybe I’ll try my hand at it! :)

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