Joyful Monday Celebrating Crochet

I enjoy participating in the practice of sharing my simple joys with my readers, something that starts over on Crochet by the Sea and spreads around to other blogs each Monday. Although I have many little joys in life, I try to focus my Monday posts on crochet-related joys. This not only keeps the post relevant to my crochet blog but also allows me to really treasure all of the little stuff that makes me love this craft.

Today, I’ve got textures on my mind and wanted to share four crochet stitches and patterns that always make me smile. They are:

  • Bobbles
  • Crochet cables
  • Shells
  • Solomon’s Knots.

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What is making you smile today?

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  1. I’m rather fond of shells myself ( both kinds hee hee) I like to incorporate them in my crochet..Solomon’s…have to give a look see about that…I have no idea. Thank you for stopping by on Monday’s and helping to spread the word….

    • I find it tough to make Solomon’s Knots look good in my own work (I’ve done it once) but I love it when people do manage to make it look great!

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