Designer Crochet: Missoni

Italian fashion house Missoni is known for its unique knitwear. However, this terrific fashion house also delves into crochet with lots of unique crochet items available from them right now. Of course, since this is a designer brand it’s out of the price range of most people who purchase crochet clothing. Nevertheless, it’s a great source of inspiration for stunning crochet designs.

Some of the Missoni crochet items that I’ve seen for sale around the web include:

0471544031155R  ASTL 300x400 225x300 Designer Crochet: Missoni

Woven wool dress with crochet yoke and sleeves

103150 in l Designer Crochet: Missoni

Crochet-knit halterneck mzxi dress

105510 in l Designer Crochet: Missoni

Zigzag Crochet-Knit Scarf

108575 in l Designer Crochet: Missoni

Crochet Wool Dress

103477 in l Designer Crochet: Missoni

Crochet-Knit Triangle Bikini

0404296482036R  ASTL 300x400 Designer Crochet: Missoni


0471544027417R  ASTL 300x400 Designer Crochet: Missoni

Ribbed Skirt with Attached Crocheted Leggings

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Designer Crochet: Missoni

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