Crochet Trail Markers Are Eco-Friendly and Pretty

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I recently came across a crochet project happening in Pittsburgh that I think is absolutely genius. A group of people are working together to crochet (and knit) organic trail markers for their neighborhood park trails. Although I’ve seen yarn bombing on trees in urban areas, I’ve never thought about how crochet could actually be used in an eco-friendly manner on trees in rural or wooded areas. This is genius.

As any hiker knows, trail markers can be invaluable when you’re out on a path. Usually these markers are signs that are very helpful but take away from the natural element of the hiking trail. Sometimes they are totally natural – a stack of rocks positioned along the path that you’re supposed to take, for example. Crochet trail markers seem like a great happy medium. They certainly don’t look natural so they take away from that a little bit but they are easier to identify than piles of rocks marking a trail. At the same time, if you use eco-friendly organic materials when crocheting the trail markers then this can be a great earth-friendly option for trails (as compared to signage which lasts a long time but ultimately isn’t eco-friendly).

The Knit and Crochet Trail Markers Project is on Facebook. Do you know of any other project like this where crochet work is used on hiking trails?

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