10 Crochet Lovers on Twitter

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Twitter is a great place to share comments and links with other crochet lovers throughout the day. You can find me on Twitter @CrochetBlogger. Here are 10 other crocheters on Twitter I’d recommend following:

  1. @crocheting. If you’re interested in crochet books then you can follow this Tweep for information. You’ll also get links to lots of patterns.
  2. @AllFreeCrochet. Tweets about all types of free crochet stuff like free crochet patterns. What I love, though, is that there is a lot of other extra conversations about crochet that happens when you actively follow this Tweep.
  3. @crochethobbyist. This Tweep offers lots of great links to crochet articles. The Twitter account has been quiet a lot lately but it’s one to keep an eye on anyway in the hopes that they’ll get more active again.
  4. @CrochetToday. This is the twitter account for CrochetToday! magazine.
  5. @CrochetKim. Kim Guzman is a crochet designer (and knitwear designer) who has a Twitter account. She offers lots of great crochet conversation on this account.
  6. @TracieCrochets. I greatly enjoy the Fibers by Tracie blog. This is her Twitter account where she is also very active in crochet conversation.
  7. @NexStitch. A great place to find crochet tutorials and crochet patterns and even videos of crochet.
  8. @cutecrochet. Jocelyn Sass is a “crochet pattern designer specializing in cute, quick and easy designs. Love all things handmade, especially crochet.”
  9. @VickieHowell. I love this crocheter whose book I reviewed and quoted last month. And so yes I follow her on Twitter.
  10. @StitchDiva. Jennifer Hansen writes about “the lighter side of smart, stylish and seductive knit and crochet by the head of Stitch Diva Studios”

Do you love crochet? Are you on Twitter? Share your Twitter info in the comments!

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