Kourtney, Paris and Mischa Spotted in Crochet Swimsuits

A press release for online swimwear and intimates fashion retailer Muscotica Wear notes that one of the store’s crochet swimsuits was worn by Kourtney Kardashian when she posed on the cover of January’s OK Magazine. The press release goes on to note that other stars like Paris Hilton and Mischa Barton have also been seeing rocking items from this line of crochet swimwear. I’m not typically one to care much about celebrity news but I’m excited to see crochet becoming so popular. And if you check out the website’s line of crochet swimwear, you’ll see that it is absolutely stunning stuff that is totally worthy of celebrity attention. The “ruffle trim crochet one piece” shown above is one great example.

Some things I love about this line of crochet swimwear:

  • The designs are gorgeous high-fashion designs. The cutouts in these designs appear to be really flattering on the body.
  • These crochet swimsuits are made to swim in. Many people wonder if you can actually swim in a crochet swimsuit and the answer is that if it’s made properly then you most certainly can.
  • They aren’t outrageously expensive. The one pictured above is under $100. I know it’s not super frugal but for a crocheted high fashion item that’s not a bad price.

The designs were created by Sarah Wallner who is known best as a celebrity stylist. What I love her for isn’t that but rather for the fact that she noticed a few years ago that crochet was making a comeback, before it had actually started to hit the runways like it suddenly has this season. I also love that she says that the versatility of crochet fashions is what makes them so appealing to women. So many people still think of crochet as a one-note but it’s actually a really versatile fashion form and I like that that’s being acknowledge by Wallner.

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