Crochet Features Heavily in Calypso St. Barth / Target Collaboration

Last week NYRacked did a review of the upcoming fashion line that is a collaboration between Target stores and Calypso St. Barth. I immediately noticed that crochet work plays prominently in this new line.

Moments of crochet highlighted in the article include:

  • A navy-blue tie-dyed tunic that is made rich with “creamy crochet paneling”. NYRacked reports that this item looks a lot more expensive than the $36 it’s priced at and anticipates that this product is going to sell out rapidly. It’s part of the collection that is made in silk and linen.
  • Crocheted lace embellishing various womenswear pieces. NYRacked notes that Calypso is known for its premium soft cotton fabrics and that these fabrics are made more beautiful with little details like the crocheted lace on many items. The line is primarily red, white and blue with varying hues of both red and blue.
  • Super soft sleepwear and lingerie that is lined with crochet. Apparently it’s so luxe looking that it’s totally do-able to wear this underwear as outwear.

The line comes out in target stores in May. Crochet is popping up all over the place this spring! Are you interested in buying it from big chain stores like Target or do you go in more for buying handmade crochet items from independent sellers?

original article at NYRacked

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